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From Prahalad Deshpande <>
Subject Error 401 when using NTLM authentication in Java application using SharepointRepository
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2014 18:15:39 GMT
Hello Karl,

Greetings of the day!!

I am trying to connect to a Sharepoint 2010 server within a custom Java
application by including the Sharepoint connector JARs within ManifoldCF.

Here are the steps I use to connect to Sharepoint.

1. Create a configuration which is a Map<String, String> instance. Populate
it with the configuration parameters such as user name, password, server
name etc. More specifically, I set the AuthorityType to the string "Native".
2. Create an instance of the SharepointRepository class.
3. Call SharepointRepository.connect() by passing in the configuration
created within step 1

At step 3 I get a HTTP 401 error. This is somewhat weird, since the example
Java web app that is provided along with the ManifoldCF libs connect
successfully for the Authentication provider(Sharepoint/Native).

Also, I have verified that I am able to login perfctly into Sharepoint
using other browsers or cURL usng NTLM.

I looked at a Wireshark trace diff between the working instance and failing
instance of a run and am not able to find a reason for this error to occur.

Can you point us to some possible debugging steps (for e.g. how to enable
sharepoint connector wire debug logging within a custom application)? Also,
any pointers towards using ManifoldCF within a custom Java application
would be great.

Thanks so much for your time!!

With warm regards


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