Hi Karl,
I have configured the Authority connections for both SharePoint/Native and Share POint /Active Directory.
But have some questinons like what value we should give for the  Share POint /Active Directory
Domain Controller Name:
Domain Suffix:
Administrative User:
Administraticve Password
Login name AD attribute: currenlty selected as UserPrincipal
Is this related to share point or  active directory . and from where should i get these.
Please provide more clarity on this as i am new to share point and Active Directory.
Also, for Authority Groups, what is the Value we should give for the Name, is this the share point group name or AD group name.
I have attached the screen shot of my configurations . please do the needful.
P.Yuvaraj Kumar

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HI Yavaraj,

You can read about this under the SharePoint section of the user documentation: http://manifoldcf.apache.org/release/trunk/en_US/end-user-documentation.html

In a nutshell, these are the steps:

- You need BOTH authority types (SharePoint/Native and SharePoint/ActiveDirectory) in one Authority Group
- Make sure you select "Native" as the authority type in you SharePoint repository connection


On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 6:20 AM, yuvaraj ponnuswamy <yuvaraj_p7@yahoo.co.in> wrote:
Hi Karl,
I am currently using the MCF to connect to sharepoint as the repository connector and Solr as the output connector.
I have configured the both connectors and it is working fine indexing the documents from share point to Solr for the share point site having windows authentication.
But When do the same configuration for the Share Point site which is having the Claims Based Authentications with kerberos(Active Directory), it is not working.
Please let me know if i need to do additional configurations like Authority Connections for the same.
Also please let me know what kind of Authority Connection Type should I use.
Microsoft SharePoint ActiveDirectory Authority Connection or
Microsoft SharePoint Native Authority Connection
Also what we have specify in the Authority Group configurations, is that anything related to AD/Sharepoint Group name
Please let me know your imputs on this.
P.Yuvaraj Kumar