Hi Lalit,

(1) You need first to specify "SharePoint Native" as the authority type in your SharePoint repository connection.  You'd use "Active directory" as the authority type only if you were using the "Active directory" authority.  To be precise:

- If you are using "SharePoint/Native", "SharePoint/AD", or any combination of these for your authority group, use "SharePoint native" authority type
- If you are using "Active Directory", use "Active directory" as your authority type

(2) You should see acl information get posted to Solr if you have everything configured right.
(3) On the Solr side, you need to install and configure the appropriate Solr plugin.  Each plugin comes with a README, which describes how to set up the schema on Solr to support security.


On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 8:51 AM, lalit jangra <lalit.j.jangra@gmail.com> wrote:

I am working on Apache MCF 1.5.1 indexing Sharepoint 2010 repository storing index in Solr 4.6.

For permissions, i followed below steps.

1. Created a new authority group called "SharePoint Group" in MCF.
2. Created a new User Mapping connection called "SharePoint User Mapping" using authority group "SharePoint Group" in step 1. For user mapping, i used "Regular Expression" mapping and used default expressions.When i save it, it says "Connection Working".
3. Created a new Authority connection called "SharePoint Authority Connection" and using "SharePoint Group"as in step1 as authority group type, using "SharePoint User Mapping" as prerequisite, using my own domain controller and other related details. When i save it, it says "Connection Working".

Next i have created a new repository connection for SharePoint called "SharePoint Connection" selecting authority group called "SharePoint Group"  from pull down list ,  providing all relevant details for server , and choosing authority type as "Active Directory". On saving, it worked fine without any error.

Finally i created a new SharePoint job providing following details.
1. Connections : repository connection as "SharePoint Connection" and output connection as "Solr Connection".
2. Choosing paths for document library, shared documents, announcements & lists.
3. Selecting all metadata in metadata tab selecting all metadata.
4. Mapped required metadata fields to solr schema fields.
4. Enabled the security.

Now i started the job and i can see SharePoint content getting indexed and stored in solr. I can verify it using solr admin query console.

But i am not seeing any additional ACL information. How can i verify that ACL & permission information is also stored in Solr. Do i need to change Solr configurations also?

Please help.
Lalit Jangra.