Hi Lalit,

"Rescan documents dynamically" runs forever.  It never terminates.  It's useful primarily for web crawls.


On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 9:31 AM, lalit jangra <lalit.j.jangra@gmail.com> wrote:

I have created a continuous(rescan documents dynamically) job scheduled to run at every half an hour, at 0 minutes - a complete job & at 30 minutes a minimal job on MCF 1.5.1 with maximum runtime of 25 minutes.

I have following settings which say my documents are alive for 25 minutes for processing & at minimum every 26 minutes, documents will be checked for updates, at most till 27 minutes. Finally reseeding interval is 30 minutes.

Recrawl Interval -25 minutes.
Maxumum Recrawl Interval - 26 minutes.
Expiration Interval - 27 minutes.
Reseed Interval - 30 minutes.

Job started well but after couple of hours its still running showing Total Documents/Active/Processed same with maximum number of documents i have in my source and does not change over time which it should. Also if i add new documents to my source, Job is not picking up those documents as well.

Am i missing here something?Please help.

Lalit Jangra.