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From Alejandro Calbazana <>
Subject JDBC Repository Connector + Access Token Question
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2014 16:37:30 GMT

I'm getting started with ManifoldCF and I'm scratching my head a little
with how to get access tokens into my indexed content using a JDBC
repository.  Here is my setup:

- JDBC repository connector, indicating which authority group to use
- Solr output connector
- Auth connector, specifying user query and access token query
- Job tying the connectors together indicating the queries for content IDs
and content data

Where do I instruct Manifold on how where obtain access tokens for the
content that it is crawling?  I see that there is a "security" tab in the
job setup that allows me to specify access tokens, but this is static.  My
content will have different tokens associated with it per row.  How do I
accomplish this?  Is this a place where I need to add custom code to fetch
the authorization detail and apply it to content?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!



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