Apache ManifoldCF 2.0 has officially been released.

ManifoldCF 2.0 is *not* backwards compatible with any ManifoldCF 1.x release.  This allowed for the reduction of the MCF 2.0 schema, the reorganization of some APIs, and the removal of much duplicate/redundant functionality.

In addition, the high points of this release are as follows:
- A brand new Alfresco Webscript connector, with document security support
- Significant performance-related work, to permit better scaling to very large numbers of documents
- Enhanced history record-keeping, for easier debugging
- Reorganization of connector APIs permitting 2x performance improvements for most connectors
- Addition of JDBC connector access token support
- Upgrade to jetty 9, and allow user configuration of jetty via a jetty.xml file

Please join me in congratulating all the developers on this major milestone.