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From Karl Wright <>
Subject RE: Restricting Search Results to ES
Date Fri, 08 May 2015 17:40:31 GMT
Hi Deanna,
There is a book on mcf which describes the authorization model it uses
for documents.  Look for a link on the site for "books and

For ES, the authorization integration requires Java level integration
with the manifoldcf es plugin.  The plugin is included on the download

Not all repo connectors support authorization.  Cmis is in a grey area
too because all it can do for access tokens is list all the individual
users that can see a document.  That is not very scalable.

Hope this helps get you started.


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From: Delapasse, Deanna
Sent: 5/8/2015 10:22 AM
Subject: Restricting Search Results to ES

We're interested in ManifoldCF to help us meet a requirement that our
searches restrict a user's results based on his document access (ie he
shouldn't find something he isn't allowed to see).  We want the
crawler to search the entire repo since we'll have a wide variety of
user role-based permissions.

I understand that the connectors must provide some type of
authentication information that is attached to each document.  I'm
hoping to use the CMIS repo connector and enhance the authentication
information it provides.  Can you recommend an output connector that
does a good job of that?

I want to use Elasticsearch as my output connector.  I haven't been
able to find any information on how the output connectors consume the
auth info (there's excellent documentation for the repo connectors
providing the info).  Maybe I'm just not googling effectively.  I have
delved into the code, but would love some kind of overview from the
search engine's perspective!  Is this documented anywhere?

thanks very much!


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