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From "Delapasse, Deanna" <>
Subject is huge
Date Tue, 19 May 2015 22:10:19 GMT
Sorry for all these emails!  One more really easy question and I promise to
stop bothering y'all for a while.

While running locally on my laptop using the simple example my
file (I guess this is my hsqldb) get huge!!!  I'm only indexing 30 rows
over and over (working on some connector enhancements and learning Elastic
Search), but my is already > 11GB.

I don't need to keep any of this data.  Is there a fast, easy way to just
'reset' my db? I don't mind recreating my output/repo/jobs?

I'm in a meeting right now listening to my boss tell some bigwigs how we're
got this all figured out (which explains all my stress-filled emails)  :-).


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