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Subject Re: Output Connector - Apache Marmotta
Date Sun, 05 Jul 2015 01:48:06 GMT
Hi Joshua, 

The ManifoldCF unit logic in terms of indexing is the Repository Document which, simplifying
a lot, model a document composed by content plus metadata (key-value). It should be relative
easy to tripifly that structure and push it to Marmotta using SPARQL update queries or Marmotta’s
java client for adding resources. 

The Generic Database connector uses a set of queries for crawling the database. You should
have to use that queries to get you data. I’m not completely sure if each record result
is converted directly to a Repository Document, that is something that I would need to check.

Hope that helps, 

Cheers, Rafa

On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 2:56 AM, Joshua Dunham <>

> Hi ManifoldCF Users (and Devs)
>     I'm wondering if ManifoldCF can work in my use case. I have some
> random mySQL and Oracle DB's that I would like to connect to and
> extract certain known bits of info, format them each a certain way and
> then store the info in Apache Marmotta [1]. Marmotta is an RDF triple
> store for linked data so I would need to parse and store the mySQL and
> Oracle DB's info into a linked format, which is no problem for me to
> create the relationships etc, I just need something that would let me
> specifically do this.
>     From what I've read, ManifoldCF can connect to mySQL and Oracle
> (via non-distributed libraries), and store the results out in several
> target data stores. What isn't clear is
> (A) How I define the data to grab, whether some SQL statement or the like.
> (B) How to use this data as individual variables which I can arrange
> into a linked data relationship (ManifoldCF mapping module?)
> (C) How difficult would it be to connect to Marmotta's webservice(s).
> I'm not familiar with the exact mechanism, but I saw ManifoldCF has
> support for elasticsearch so maybe I could put something together that
> talks to Marmotta..
> Would this be possible? If so, could someone point me in the right direction?
>   Thanks!
>    -Joshua
> [1] -
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