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From Markus Schuch <>
Subject Some Questions about Migration from ManifoldCF 1.x to 2.x
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2016 07:42:41 GMT

we plan to migrate from ManifoldCF 1.7.1 to ManifoldCF 2.3.

Is there a migration guide available?

We want to run ManifoldCF 2.3 on Java 8 in a Servlet-API 3.0 container 
(Tomcat 7), which is - for now - predefined by our OPs.
Is this possible? Or is Servlet now API 3.1 required? (we notices that 
the shipped standalone deployment now works with Jetty 9)

I think it would be helpful if the ManifoldCF website would give some 
hints on required platform and API versions besides the connectors.

We saw the chema changes in the changelog and we expect that we will 
have to start 2.x on an empty database and manually recreating all our 

This has some downsides:

(1) manual configuration effort
(2) loss of the job queue -> full reindex necessary
(3) loss of the history

For (1) we want look into the configuration export/import commands or 
Is the configuration export/import compatible between 1.x and 2.x?
Did anybode use those commands for a migration or is the REST API the 
only reasonable way?

Has anybody ideas about (2) and (3)?

Many thanks in advance

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