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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: Certificate issue - Manifold/Alfresco
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2016 10:55:31 GMT
Hi Paul,

I think that the problem is that your SSL certificate is not issued to the
server that the CMIS connector is configured to talk to, and therefore SSL
won't allow you to establish a connection.

Also, FWIW, it doesn't appear like the CMIS connector doesn't do anything
very special at all to configure the CMIS client as far as SSL is
concerned, so it's possible that certificate verification may not work
properly even once you get past this problem.  Usually our connectors use a
connection-specific trust store for this, but this wasn't done in the case
of the CMIS connector, probably because it's all happening in the client.
So it may not work anyway; please let me know.


On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 5:40 AM, Paul Farrell <>

> Hi all,
> Hoping someone can help.
> I am attempting to crawl an Alfresco 4.1.10 environment using Manifold.
> The Alfresco instance sits behind an SSL layer.
> Using the CMIS endpoint from my ECLIPSE environment, the connection works
> fine and a repo name is returned.
> Using the same CMIS endpoint from the Manifold config screen (Repo
> Connections) returns an SSL error:
> Parameters: username=*********
> password=********
> binding=atom
> protocol=https
> server=[servername]
> port=443
> path=/alfresco/service/cmis
> repositoryId=
> Connection status: Connection failed: CMIS: Error during getting a new
> session: Cannot access "https://*********:443/alfresco/service/cmis":
> No name matching [servername].org
> found
> *Any idea what could be causing this?*
> *Cheers*
> *Paul*

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