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From Radek Sklenicka <>
Subject Re: Documentum - unable to index metadata
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2016 12:41:53 GMT
Hi Karl,

"select attr_name FROM dmi_dd_attr_info" really returns duplicates - we're
looking into that.

Is there also a DQL query (or function) used by ManifoldCF that we can try
to check what/if attributes are being returned for a particular record?

We have trace logs from DFC and it looks like the attributes are being
returned from the content server.
Could you please help us decode the logs - where to look/verify if
attributes are handed over to ManifoldCF?
Can we deduce from the logs attached below that the attributes are
transferred from DFC to ManifoldCF?

Many thanks,

2016-03-22 13:29:26.008 <USER_DTESTER|s9(21.0)|SM@14660772>  [RMI TCP
Connection(1823)-] [EXIT]
 .com.documentum.fc.client.DfTypedObject@36b9ba.getLiteType ==>
AspectedLiteType@110eb5e{name=do_domep_project_hse, typeVersion=0,
cacheVStamp=178498, attributes={asp_herencia.atr_isnew,
asp_herencia.atr_niveles, asp_herencia.atr_tipo, asp_herencia.i_partition},
superType=LiteType@2045f2{name=do_domep_project_hse, typeVersion=32,
cacheVStamp=178498, attributes={atr_audit_type, atr_speciality,
atr_emergency_related}, superType=LiteType@a67471{name=do_domep_project,
typeVersion=32, cacheVStamp=178486, attributes={atr_uwi, atr_well_name,
atr_usi, atr_survey_name}, superType=LiteType@f74077{name=do_domep_base,
typeVersion=27, cacheVStamp=178438, attributes={atr_confidential_level,
atr_owner_area, atr_logical_code, atr_original_reference_id, atr_revision,
atr_entity, atr_author, atr_doc_type, atr_category_doc, atr_subcat_doc,
atr_discipline, atr_subdiscipline, atr_language, atr_physical_document,
atr_physical_code, atr_warehouse, atr_retention, atr_digital_media,
atr_internal, atr_country, atr_basin, atr_environment, atr_acreage,
atr_abstract, atr_doc_creation_date, atr_title, atr_collection,
atr_is_collection, atr_is_principal, atr_is_anexo, atr_id_collection,
atr_is_relation, atr_field, atr_original_revision, atr_remarks,
atr_keywords, atr_principal_folder_id, atr_original_version, atr_be_name,
atr_be_ref, atr_be_short_name, atr_issued_for_code,
atr_issued_for_description, atr_subbasin, atr_be_type_id, atr_comment,
atr_status, atr_prepared_by, atr_preparation_date, atr_verified_by,
atr_verification_date, atr_approved_by, atr_approval_date, atr_workflow},
superType=LiteType@19390bd{name=do_general, typeVersion=6,
cacheVStamp=167968, attributes={negocio, attr_is_gdcom},
superType=LiteType@16658e8{name=dm_document, typeVersion=2,
cacheVStamp=52034, attributes={}, superType=LiteType@6aac49{name=dm_sysobject,
typeVersion=3, cacheVStamp=0, attributes={object_name, r_object_type,
title, subject, authors, keywords, a_application_type, a_status,
r_creation_date, r_modify_date, r_modifier, r_access_date, a_is_hidden,
i_is_deleted, a_retention_date, a_archive, a_compound_architecture,
a_link_resolved, i_reference_cnt, i_has_folder, i_folder_id,
r_composite_id, r_composite_label, r_component_label, r_order_no,
r_link_cnt, r_link_high_cnt, r_assembled_from_id, r_frzn_assembly_cnt,
r_has_frzn_assembly, resolution_label, r_is_virtual_doc, i_contents_id,
a_content_type, r_page_cnt, r_content_size, a_full_text, a_storage_type,
i_cabinet_id, owner_name, owner_permit, group_name, group_permit,
world_permit, i_antecedent_id, i_chronicle_id, i_latest_flag, r_lock_owner,
r_lock_date, r_lock_machine, log_entry, r_version_label, i_branch_cnt,
i_direct_dsc, r_immutable_flag, r_frozen_flag, r_has_events, acl_domain,
acl_name, a_special_app, i_is_reference, r_creator_name, r_is_public,
r_policy_id, r_resume_state, r_current_state, r_alias_set_id,
a_effective_date, a_expiration_date, a_publish_formats, a_effective_label,
a_effective_flag, a_category, language_code, a_is_template,
a_controlling_app, r_full_content_size, a_extended_properties, a_is_signed,
a_last_review_date, i_retain_until, r_aspect_name, i_retainer_id,
i_partition, i_is_replica, i_vstamp}}}}}}}}

2016-03-22 13:29:26.010 <USER_DTESTER|s5(17.0)|SM@16366401>  [RMI TCP
Connection(1820)-] [RPC_EXIT]  ......RPC: applyForObject ==>
TypedData@144302b[id=098c1b38809921b1, type=do_domep_project_well_wd,
readOnly=false, autoFill=true, fetchTimestamp=0,
values=[object_name=DSC00683.JPG, r_object_type=do_domep_project_well_wd,
title=, subject=, authors=[], keywords=[], a_application_type=, a_status=,
r_creation_date=2/11/2016 8:35:45 AM, r_modify_date=3/7/2016 11:17:37 AM,
r_modifier=admdcmt, r_access_date=3/16/2016 12:23:59 PM, a_is_hidden=F,
i_is_deleted=F, a_retention_date=nulldate, a_archive=F,
a_compound_architecture=, a_link_resolved=F, i_reference_cnt=1,
i_has_folder=T, i_folder_id=[0b8c1b3880991ad3], r_composite_id=[],
r_composite_label=[], r_component_label=[], r_order_no=[], r_link_cnt=0,
r_link_high_cnt=0, r_assembled_from_id=0000000000000000,
r_frzn_assembly_cnt=0, r_has_frzn_assembly=F, resolution_label=,
r_is_virtual_doc=0, i_contents_id=068c1b388064051a, a_content_type=jpeg,
r_page_cnt=1, r_content_size=949228, a_full_text=T, a_storage_type=repo,
i_cabinet_id=0c8c1b38806aee30, owner_name=Domep controlador 00010,
owner_permit=7, group_name=, group_permit=1, world_permit=1,
i_antecedent_id=0000000000000000, i_chronicle_id=098c1b38809921b1,
i_latest_flag=T, r_lock_owner=, r_lock_date=nulldate, r_lock_machine=,
log_entry=, r_version_label=[1.0, CURRENT], i_branch_cnt=0, i_direct_dsc=F,
r_immutable_flag=F, r_frozen_flag=F, r_has_events=F, acl_domain=admdocum,
acl_name=domep_ac_en_02080, a_special_app=, i_is_reference=F,
r_creator_name=Domep controlador 00010, r_is_public=F,
r_policy_id=468c1b38809c6e47, r_resume_state=-1, r_current_state=0,
r_alias_set_id=0000000000000000, a_effective_date=[], a_expiration_date=[],
a_publish_formats=[], a_effective_label=[], a_effective_flag=[],
a_category=, language_code=, a_is_template=F, a_controlling_app=,
r_full_content_size=949228, a_extended_properties=[], a_is_signed=F,
a_last_review_date=nulldate, i_retain_until=nulldate,
r_aspect_name=[asp_herencia], i_retainer_id=[], i_partition=0,
i_is_replica=F, i_vstamp=4, negocio=E&P, attr_is_gdcom=F,
atr_confidential_level=Internal Use, atr_owner_area=OFICINA DE E,
atr_logical_code=IQEXPEOMKUR000WEL2016000063, atr_original_reference_id=[],
atr_revision=, atr_entity=[], atr_author=[Domep controlador 00010],
atr_doc_type=Reporting, atr_category_doc=Geology, atr_subcat_doc=Progress
Report, atr_discipline=GEOLOGY, atr_subdiscipline=[],
atr_language=[ENGLISH], atr_physical_document=F, atr_physical_code=[],
atr_warehouse=, atr_retention=YES, atr_digital_media=F, atr_internal=YES,
atr_country=[XYZ], atr_basin=[XYZZ], atr_environment=, atr_acreage=[],
atr_abstract=, atr_doc_creation_date=5/22/2006 8:31:43 AM, atr_title=WELL
BARAM 1 PHOTOS FIELD 06, atr_collection=[], atr_is_collection=F,
atr_is_principal=F, atr_is_anexo=F, atr_id_collection=[],
atr_is_relation=F, atr_field=[], atr_original_revision=, atr_remarks=,
atr_keywords=[], atr_principal_folder_id=0b8c1b3880991ad3,
atr_original_version=, atr_be_name=BARAM 1, atr_be_ref=IQWEL000008,
atr_be_short_name=BA 1, atr_issued_for_code=, atr_issued_for_description=,
atr_subbasin=[], atr_be_type_id=8, atr_comment=, atr_status=Draft,
atr_prepared_by=[], atr_preparation_date=nulldate, atr_verified_by=[],
atr_verification_date=nulldate, atr_approved_by=[],
atr_approval_date=nulldate, atr_workflow=, atr_well_name=BARAM 1,
atr_uwi=IQ010004432, atr_borehole_name=[BARAM 1], atr_ubhi=[IQ01000443200],
atr_borehole_alias=[], atr_borehole_short_name=[], atr_sample_type=[],
atr_analysis_type=[], asp_herencia.atr_isnew=F, asp_herencia.atr_niveles=0,
asp_herencia.atr_tipo=[], asp_herencia.i_partition=0,
r_object_id=098c1b38809921b1, _KEEP_LOCK_=F, _FREEZE_COMPONENTS_=F,

On 11 March 2016 at 15:33, Radek Sklenicka <>

> Thanks Karl, we'll verify that.
> -Radek
> On 11 March 2016 at 14:21, Karl Wright <> wrote:
>> Hi Radek,
>> This is the DQL query that is run:
>>       String strDQL = "select attr_name FROM dmi_dd_attr_info where
>> type_name = '" + docType + "' order by attr_name asc";
>> Karl
>> On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 8:19 AM, Karl Wright <> wrote:
>>> Hi Radek,
>>> The Document Types page runs a DQL query to populate the document
>>> types.  The fact that you get duplicates means that something may be
>>> corrupt with your Document instance.  It's possible that for some reason
>>> the instance is set up with multiple records that each have the same name
>>> but different key values.
>>> Documentum used to have a little web app that allowed you to execute DQL
>>> queries.  I'd experiment to see what was leading to the duplication.  The
>>> fact that you can't get any metadata during crawling is almost certainly
>>> related.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Karl
>>> On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 8:10 AM, Radek Sklenicka <
>>>> wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> We are not able to pull metadata from one of our Documentum instances
>>>> (it is 6.7)
>>>> Interestingly, on the Job > Document Types page each metadata field is
>>>> displayed 3 times in the metadata boxes - could this be an issue?
>>>> Screenshots:
>>>> We have quite a long list of document types and it takes minutes to
>>>> load the Document Types page.
>>>> Also, we can successfully pull metadata from our testing Documentum (it
>>>> is 7.1), and I noticed that there is a difference in connector logs between
>>>> the two:
>>>> 1.) here we are able to pull metadata:
>>>> DEBUG 2016-03-10 03:50:08,051 (Worker thread '3') - DCTM: Document
>>>> 090007c28000569d has version label:
>>>> 11+authors+object_name+owner_name+owner_permit+r_creation_date+r_creator_name+r_modifier+r_modify_date+r_object_id+r_object_type+title++0+DEAD_AUTHORITY+1.0_0_
>>>> http://localhost/webtop/
>>>> DEBUG 2016-03-10 03:50:08,052 (Worker thread '3') - DCTM: Inside
>>>> processDocuments
>>>> 2.) NOT able to pull metadata:
>>>> DEBUG 2016-03-10 14:58:22,908 (Worker thread '22') - DCTM: Document
>>>> 098c1b3880991f48 has version label: 0++0+DEAD_AUTHORITY+_4_
>>>> http://localhost/webtop
>>>> DEBUG 2016-03-10 14:58:22,908 (Worker thread '22') - DCTM: Inside
>>>> processDocuments
>>>> Any ideas will be appreciated.
>>>> Thank you,
>>>> Radek

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