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From "Markus Schuch" <>
Subject Aw: Re: Should a document with an empty version string always be reingested?
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2016 11:40:53 GMT

Hi Karl,

thanks for the fast response.

We have a simple connector (written before 1.7), that produces documents from an XML file
and we use the empty version string to trigger ingestion on every job run. Meaning the empty
version string is considered as "alwaysRefetch" and the created document is always sent down
the pipeline along with this empty version string.
(the connector was relying on the 1.x BaseRepositoryConnector)
I noticed the backward compatibility code in the BaseRepositoryConnector in 1.7+ and i used
this code to wire our custom connector code to the new 2.3 interface.
I debugged the document processing and - as expected - ingestDocumentWithException is still
called every time, as before, since an empty version string is still considered as alwaysRefetch.
But the sent document is only ingested to the ouputrepository at the first time the job runs.
On consecutive runs the output step stays inactive.
I think we can boil my issue down to a specific question about one method of IProcessActivity
  ingestDocumentWithException(String documentIdentifier, String version, String documentURI,
RepositoryDocument data)

Let's assume the following example flow (starting from an empty and clean MCF 2.3 system):
(1) In a first run of my job 

      ingestDocumentWithException( "identiferX", "", "documentUriX", repoDoc) // second
param is empty version string

    is called. This leads to ingestion of the document with the URI "documentUriX".

(2) In a second run of my job

      ingestDocumentWithException( "identiferX", "", "documentUriX", repoDoc) // second param
is empty version string

    is called again (with the same arguments).

What is the expected behavior here?
Should the document be ingested again or not?
And if not, how should i trigger ingestion? By sending always a null version down the pipeline?

The actual behavior
- In 1.7 it is ingested again.
- in 2.3 it is _not_ ingested again.


Gesendet: Freitag, 04. März 2016 um 12:11 Uhr
Von: "Karl Wright" <>
An: "" <>
Betreff: Re: Should a document with an empty version string always be reingested?

Hi Markus,
The canonical way that a connector handles incrementality changed from 1.7 to 1.10.  We maintained
backwards compatibility through the inclusion of legacy base connector methods.  CONNECTORS-1153
reported a problem in one of those base connector methods, which has been fixed by 1.10. 
I can't tell whether this applies to your situation.
On 2.x the base connector methods no longer have all of the legacy base connector methods
at all, so if you have a custom connector you will need to rework your connector class to
adhere to the newer model.  Specifically, there is no such method anymore as "getDocumentVersions()". 
Instead, your connector must signal its disposition of any document using the IProcessActivity
methods available for that purpose.
Can you describe in more detail what you are doing here?
(a) Is this a custom connector?
(b) Was it developed on 1.7 or before?
(c) Are you trying to run it on 1.10 or on 2.x?
That will help me give you better responses.
On Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 5:28 AM, Markus Schuch <> wrote:

we ran on MCF 1.7 for quite a while and in this environment a document send to the ingestion
pipeline together with an empty version string was always reingested.
On MCF 2.3 this is no longer the case.
I found[]
and may be the 1.7 behavior we were relying on was always a bug.
Is the new 2.3 behavior the expected case how the ingestion pipeline handles an empty version
And how can "always reingestion" be triggered?
Thanks in Advance,

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