Hi Karl,


after some time i am finally looking into this again.


The lookup field refers to an attribute of another list. Therefore changes to that attribute do not affect the modified date of the document or the document collection.


Do you see any possible solution in the connector for that problem. Or is it something that should be handled on sharepoint side?





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Betreff: Re: Sharepoint Repository Connector: Metadata Changes not causing re-index library or list items


If it's computed from other attributes, then don't the other attributes need to change in order for the lookup attribute's value to change?





On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 9:13 AM, <markus.schuch@deutschebahn.com> wrote:

Hi Karl,

we found out, that the affected metadate comes from a lookup field, that is computed from attributes of the containing list.
Such fields do not change the modified date.

We could re-index all list items, when the list itself is modified (by carrying down the modified date of the list for example). But this would probably lead to too many unecessary version changes for other lists.
I will check, if there are possibilities to detect lookupfields with the API.