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From Julien Massiera <>
Subject User rights for Sharepoint connector
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2017 14:57:07 GMT
Hi folks,

I am trying to crawl a SharePoint 2016 using MCF and I have some troubles.

First time I tried to configure the SharePoint repository connector the 
status was 'Crawl user did not authenticate properly", after few 
investigations I found that the user I configured was unable to use SOAP 
action 'GetListCollections' from the SP webservice. Then I added this 
user to the "Style Resource Readers" group (not sure it is the good 
english name of the group) and it resolved the problem.
Then I again got a 401 error on the GetPermissionCollection SOAP action. 
The ManifoldCF agent for SP 2016 is correctly installed and the web page 
http://myserver:myport/mysite/_vti_bin/MCPermissions.asmx is returning 
what is expected in the documentation.

So my question is : do you know what are the specific rights required 
for my user ? I know that with admin rights on the SP site it works but 
I would like to avoid an admin user to crawl my site.

Thanks for your help !

Julien Massiera

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