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From Thomas Daniel <>
Subject AD Authority Connection Credentials Issue
Date Fri, 18 May 2018 13:26:52 GMT
Hi all,

We are running MCF v2.6 and trying to configure AD/SharePoint authority connections.
Entering the password for these jobs via the API seems to cause us some issues.

We can go to the crawler UI and set up the job with a password such as 'password'. That seems
to hash and encode the password and works perfectly.
If we use the API to build the connection with exactly the same config and 'password' as a
password, the connection fails with an LDAP error.

When we call the 'get' API for the authority connection we just built that returned the LDAP
error, we get JSON back with the password set as 'password' in plain text, not hashed or encoded.

Looking at the API and user docs, I can't see any guidance on how to specify the password
via the API or any of the other fields in the 'domain controller' tab.

Would you be able to provide some guidance on what we are doing wrong please?

Kind regards,
Daniel Thomas
Software Developer
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