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From msaunier <>
Subject Documents blocked sometimes without errors
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2018 08:20:33 GMT
Hello Karl,


Sometimes, jobs are blocked by many documents and I don't know why because I
don't have errors. To unblock this, I paused and resume the job and it
working. This is not always the case and they are never the same documents.


We have a script at 8h55 PM and it's possibly the reason of this error. We
have create this script to avoid error, because SCO servers are reboot at
9h00 PM and ManifoldCF have an error if they servers are stopped.


Script explanation:


1.       Call PAUSED for the current job at 8h55PM

2.       Call ManifoldCF stop and wait 

3.       VACUUM FULL Postgres

4.       REINDEX Postgres

5.       (Wait 9h05 PM)

6.       Start ManifoldCF

7.       Wait ManifoldCF

8.       Resume job


Do you have an idea to resolved this problem? It's the REINDEX or the VACUUM
FULL the problem?





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