Good morning,

I hope someone could help us.

We would like to crawl the contents of a SharePoint 2013 installation from ManifoldCF.

From a browser everything seems to works correctly. I can log in into Windows with the crawler user credentials and then access SharePoint through the browser. From there I can reach the site collection for which this user has authorization.

Steps I have taken:

  • I already installed the plugin on the SharePoint 2013 server (MCPermissions). This seems to be working.
  • Configured the repository in Manifold. See attachment. We used Active Directory (not SharePoint authorization)
  • Active Directory Authority works correct ManifoldCF says (using same crawler user credentials).

My Manifold settings:   <see attachment>

If I inspect the Manifold logfile, is see that it is trying to access the SharePoint root (for which we do not have authorization) instead of the mentioned site collection from the configuration. Actually, it looks like it is not using the configuration that I provided in the web interface.

Upgrading Manifold from 2.8.1 to 2.10 did not help.... (well... we did not expect that, but wanted to everything possible)

Can someone help us where to look next?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,