Hi Maxence,

I think this will answer your questions:

(1) Multiprocess MCF is stable, yes.  Zookeeper is the recommended configuration; shared files are deprecated.  Zookeeper is used to coordinate cluster processes and store global configuration.
(2) Multiprocess MCF is best viewed as a cluster.  The behavior does not change when more cluster members are added.  Documents are still processed in the same order, just more documents can be done at once.


On Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 4:54 AM msaunier <msaunier@citya.com> wrote:

Hello Karl,


I have just many questions.


Today, I use single process ManifoldCF. To crawl, I have 5 jobs by server and I have a script to check if last job is finish and start the following. I crawl just 1 job in the same time / server.


The multiprocess can be useful for a configuration like this?


And a second question:

What is the utility of Zookeeper for multiprocess? To distribute the configuration?


And the last:

Multiprocess ManifoldCF is stable for production env? And with Zk?