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From Gaurav G <>
Subject Sharepoint incremental crawl - last version
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2019 12:16:06 GMT
Hi All,

We're facing a problem in getting updated sharepoint documents during the
incremental crawl. The documents have an approval workflow in sharepoint.
Upon creation the modified date gets assigned the current timestamp. We
then crawl it and it gets crawled successfully.
However then an approval workflow changes the state of the document to
Published, however at that point our incremental crawl doesn't pick up the
modified document. We believe this is because the workflow doesn't result
in a change in the modified date of the document and hence Manifold doesn't
detect it as a changed document.
Is there any work around to this problem? Can we somehow customize or
change the way in which the lastversion column is being generated? Such as
for example by adding the document status in it, so that when the status
changes it picks it up as a new version.
Any suggestions around this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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