Please tell us how you have configured your job.  Is it running in continuous mode?  Because if so, that is exactly how it's supposed to look -- all documents remain active forever, until you stop the job.


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I have actually 2 questions concerning 'Active documents' in  a running job.

We are currently using ManifoldCF 2.10 and crawl and process more than 500k documents. In Manifold we see a huge amount of documents in status 'active'. The processed amount is only going up slowly. 

1) Am I correct that in the Status of Jobs overview, the number of Active documents are actually documents in queue - waiting to be processed and that by the end of a job this should end up in 0?

2) How should we set the settings in such a way that the number of active documents stays limited and the queue does not get too long? Which Output, Repository or Job settings could/should we change for this? Are there any recommendations for this?
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