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From "Alexis Midon" <>
Subject Assembly including binaries: Bug on a n depth hierarchy
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 15:28:45 GMT
Hi all,

I have the following complex but common pom hierarchy (sample) :
The syntax is packaging:pom:level.#

           /  \
          /    \
         /      \
        /        \
    jar:pom1.0   pom:pom1.1
                       /  \
                      /    \
                     /      \
                    /        \
             jar:pom2.0      jar:pom2.1

I'd like to use the assembly plugin to gather all the output jars in a
single directory.
(So every child/target/artifact.jar must copy to root/target/assembly/...)

To do so I execute the assemby:assembly goal with the following descriptor :


Unfortunately this always fails into an exception: "pom:pom1.1 does not have
an artifact with a file. Please ensure the package phase (...)"

This use case highlights 2 problems I think:

   1. the assembly plugin does not support n depth hierarchy
   Actually pom:pom1.1 should not be included in the module list while
   jar:pom2.0 and jar:pom2.1 should.
   2. the <binaries/> tag must not throw an exception if there is no
   file, I think

To understand what's going on with bug #1, I decided to debug the plugin.
The problem occurs in AbstractAssemblyMojo.processModules (...) line 471
The getModulesFromReactor() method is invoked but with recurse set to false!

As a result when jar:pom2.0 is tested, the isProjectModule() method returns
false, which is not correct (in our case).
May be 'recurse' could be a plugin parameter?

I don't know if everybody will call this a bug, nor if this list is the
right place to report but I hope it will help.

Thanks in advance if you have any workaround.


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