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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [maven] Tibor17 edited a comment on issue #261: [MNG-6697] New fast model interpolator not using reflection
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2019 16:52:10 GMT
Tibor17 edited a comment on issue #261: [MNG-6697] New fast model interpolator not using reflection
   > @Tibor17
   > this is surprisingly not true, indeed Collection.toArray( new Xxxx[0] ) is faster
than Collection.toArray( new Xxxx[collection.size()] ).
   In Oracle JDK, `ArrayList.toArray([])` with `new Xxxx[arrayList.size()]` should be the
same speed as with `new Xxxx[0]`.
   In another vendor of JDK you do not have the benefits of JavaDoc because the resulting
array would not be yours (nothing but imitation of array) and `new Xxxx[0]` may become slower.
   Oracle allocates new array without reflection because given size is smaller than the size
of the collection and the type is `Object[]`.
   This is related to the Oracle and IMO another vendor may get worse performance if he is
using Reflection `Array.newInstance()`.
   The reflection is also used in Oracle if and only if the internal array of the collection
is not `Object[]`.
   I guess that `new MyClass[0]` may get even slower because Generic type is usually not identical
to `Object.class` in the most Java code and JVM has to perform checks of the type on every
element, see `(T[]) new Object[newLength]` which happens in case of `new Xxxx[0]`.
   public static <T,U> T[] copyOf(U[] original, int newLength, Class<? extends T[]>
newType) {
   	T[] copy = ((Object)newType == (Object)Object[].class)
   		? (T[]) new Object[newLength]
   		: (T[]) Array.newInstance(newType.getComponentType(), newLength);
   	System.arraycopy(original, 0, copy, 0,
   					 Math.min(original.length, newLength));
   	return copy;
   public <T> T[] toArray(T[] a) {
   	if (a.length < size)
   		// Make a new array of a's runtime type, but my contents:
   		return (T[]) Arrays.copyOf(elementData, size, a.getClass());
   	System.arraycopy(elementData, 0, a, 0, size);
   	if (a.length > size)
   		a[size] = null;
   	return a;

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