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From Andrew Schwartzmeyer <>
Subject Review Request 61753: Refactored CMake build system.
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2017 21:10:45 GMT

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Review request for mesos and Joseph Wu.

Repository: mesos


This commit deletes extraneous CMake code. With a proper CMake
dependency graph, CMake automatically calculates the correct compiler
and linker options based on the traversal of the graph, and the
properties of each target. With the correct importing of the 3rdparty
dependencies, this allows us to remove all uses of deprecated CMake
commands such as `include_directories`, `link_directories`, and
`link_libraries`. These commands rely on setting directory-wide
side-effects, unlike their explicit `target_include_directories`
counterparts, which instead add the information to the dependency graph.
By utilizing CMake's dependency graph, most uses of `add_dependencies`
were removed, as an implicit dependency is created when
`target_link_libraries` is used. Note that there are explicit cases of
manually dependencies, such as module libraries which are not linked and
therefore are not automatically added to the graph.

Furthermore, superfluous variables were removed. Due to how the original
system was written (based on copying a working template), many variables
were introduced that contained single items, such that the declaration
and interpolation of the variable became far more verbose than simply
using the contents directly. Variables holding target names were also
removed, as they were redundant. See the changes to
`src/master/CMakeLists.txt` for an example of an executable's build
going from twelve logical lines of code to two.

"Configuration" files such as `AgentConfigure.cmake`, were deleted in
their entirety, because the information they provided was redundant when
using the CMake dependency graph. The only CMake configuration files
remaining are for actual project configuration.


  CMakeLists.txt 870bd9ba2d5edfe31092d602135edd28dc4982e0 
  cmake/CompilationConfigure.cmake 2109697e02e58c673948f2ae67ef8255d16aa736 
  cmake/MesosConfigure.cmake 5ecad2c0fbd245dd14e9c09869dd6da2ca4e602a 
  src/CMakeLists.txt 0816c6ebaa9caaa5b6a606e601427ed17112a300 
  src/checks/CMakeLists.txt 4854b2765202e10f5b791f08ed1416f7740e2aad 
  src/cli/CMakeLists.txt 056d1d734e4424dac3eb29c323961d3a2e87a8dc 
  src/docker/CMakeLists.txt 2d7c30db5854853625a99227568a27dde281ec2e 
  src/examples/CMakeLists.txt e8b7ea4bd91c20536ce7bd8d0ffdfd4e549b056f 
  src/examples/cmake/ExamplesConfigure.cmake d85da4e2e236df9408c86405caeca4d8eae3a35d 
  src/launcher/CMakeLists.txt 97edc4a28a995da8a5e963aaa62c4c955cc59719 
  src/local/CMakeLists.txt 7c9a718d17772be1c08e132136739cfd9449470d 
  src/log/CMakeLists.txt 2fad6cca467dbde9989d26424a2a6c608cd251e8 
  src/master/CMakeLists.txt 0062fb3e9d67fdfcda1057112d4ba34abbd4be5f 
  src/master/cmake/MasterConfigure.cmake 173dc36b5a1b7ff23cd0542ea4313ae6e5e0ae3f 
  src/slave/CMakeLists.txt 9dbadca53b9ac34db08cfb9c9e9fea741c01114b 
  src/slave/cmake/AgentConfigure.cmake af2f74f82b68920427f36c0c863b97c0191b8f06 
  src/slave/container_loggers/CMakeLists.txt c0774ce3110fd8d2aac6dc00d2b800e336214f96 
  src/slave/containerizer/mesos/CMakeLists.txt fa2043efadd1c863c5ad54fdc518397c97488dcb 
  src/slave/qos_controllers/CMakeLists.txt 65ab338a71276a77e43af962fbc9b76e050efca6 
  src/slave/resource_estimators/CMakeLists.txt 1d28bd457c7e567219d892f0940903b12c5a877b 
  src/tests/CMakeLists.txt 6c05ea93c3288fb9608c191234f95e270390d89e 
  src/tests/cmake/MesosTestsConfigure.cmake 48b4d2fd74b545c03162c7cb06013baf67298241 
  src/usage/CMakeLists.txt fc87b297832157b679039c68baf9ddc68a292060 



Tested with `make check` and `ninja-build check` on CentOS 7. All tests pass. Tested with
libevent and OpenSSL, all tests passed. Tested with Java, all tests passed (the "example"
Java tests which depend on a target that's not yet enabled).

Tested on Windows with and without Java, all tests passed. With Java requires some environment
setup which will be documented.

Tested release configurations, all tests pass.


Andrew Schwartzmeyer

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