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From Elana Hashman <>
Subject Re: CI Builds
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2016 13:30:20 GMT
Paul and I worked on this two months ago but it never got merged:

 I'd like to get automated CI builds working for the project.  It seems
that Travis CI ( is quite popular and integrates well
with Github.  I would certainly be open to alternatives though.

I set Travis up on my own project fork just to understand how it might
work.  If you follow the link, you will see that I added a badge to the top
of the main project This badge displays the current CI build
status.  It is updated each time a CI build completes.

Travis will also auto-magically run a CI build for any PR that is opened.
I think this is an outstanding feature so we have some additional
validation before we merge anything into master.  Follow the link below to
see an example PR.

I had to create a .travis.yml file in the project root.  This tells the CI
build to run the Apache Rat license check, runs the integration tests, and
also packages the project.

The only trouble I had was that Travis limits the output of CI builds to 4
mb.  Beyond that it fails the build.  That is why you will see a bit of
grep filtering in the Travis yml.

Are you in favor of an automated CI build?  Is Travis CI the best
solution?  All feedback welcome.


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