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From James Sirota <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release of Metron_0.1BETA_rc5
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2016 16:27:54 GMT
Small correction on the validation instructions.  For Step 1, execute the mvn command from
incubator-metron/ and not incubator-metron/metron-streaming/


On 3/22/16, 3:56 PM, "James Sirota" <> wrote:

>A tag has been created for Metron_0.1BETA_RC5
>With a Git hash:
>The code is staged at
>The following are instructions for verifying the build.
>Step 1 – Build Metron
>cd incubator-metron/metron-streaming/
>mvn apache-rat:check && cd metron-streaming && mvn clean integration-test
&& cd ..
>Verify that all tests are passing
>Step 2 – Deploy metron as a single VM via vagrant and ansible
>cd deployment/vagrant/singlenode-vagrant
>vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager
>vagrant up
>For a more complete set of instructions refer to:
>Verify metron is working:
>- Check Ambari to make sure all the services are up by going to ambari in a browser at
>- Check Storm to make sure all the topologies are up
>      From Ambari navigate to Storm -> Quick Links -> Storm UI
>- Check that the enrichment topology has emitted some data (could take a few minutes to
show up in the Storm UI)
>- Check indexes to make sure indexing is done correctly and data is visualized in Kibana
in a browser at http://node1:5000
>- Check that some data is written into HDFS for at least one of the data sources
>      Look in HDFS under /apps/metron/enrichment/indexed/yaf_doc|bro_doc|snort_doc
>      This can be done from the browser by going to http://node:50070/explorer.html#/apps/metron/enrichment/indexed
>Step 3 (optional) – Verify AWS Multi-Node Deploy with Ansible
>cd deployment/amazon-ec2
>ansible-playbook -i playbook.yml
>For a more complete set of instructions refer to:
>To verify the working build go through the same verifications as in Step2, but on AWS.
 Reference playbook.yml for location of the services.
>Ambari-master contains Ambari, web contains Kibana and sensors.
>Please vote +1 if you approve and –1 if you do not approve.  Also, please indicate if
>vote is binding
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