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From James Sirota <>
Subject Re: community demo tomorrow
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2016 02:11:36 GMT
Hi Taylor,

We setup a recurring demo meeting to run twice a month last month per this thread:

and then announced the first one in the series 2 weeks ago here:

We then had the meeting and posted a summary and a video here:

That meeting was held over zoom at 11am PST on Sept.23.  Per that thread the next demo meeting
should be held tomorrow at 11AM PST.  However, we still have a lot of pull requests outstanding
so I was asking if it makes sense to hold the meeting next week instead so we can get all
the pull requests in.  

Per your point I will send reminders about the recurring meeting 72 hours prior to the meeting
with the agenda and will solicit feedback if anyone would like to change the time or the tool
for the virtual meeting.  If there are no objections we will skip the meeting on Friday and
will do it mid week next week once we get most of the pull requests merged.  


06.10.2016, 17:09, "P. Taylor Goetz" <>:
> I'd love to see a demo, but with my mentor hat on I would say wait. Try not to schedule
things too soon so people in other time zones have a chance to participate. This is what's
behind the 72 hr. wait period for votes at the ASF.
> I haven't checked, but I think the Metron community is largely based in North America.
As the community grows, this will undoubtedly change to include all parts (and time zones)
of the world.
> Solicit times and dates from the community, then collectively choose one. Also decide
on a medium (ghangouts, zoom, webex, etc.). Afterwords, summarize what was discussed and send
it to the mailing list so those who couldn't attend know what happened.
> -Taylor
>>  On Oct 6, 2016, at 7:41 PM, James Sirota <> wrote:
>>  Does anyone want to do a demo tomorrow? Or should we push it off till next week
so that we have a chance to review and commit a few more pull requests? Looks like we have
19 open right now. I think that's the most we've ever gotten in a 2-week time frame. Great
job, community!
>>  If we do want to demo tomorrow, can you respond to this thread with what you want
to demo?
>>  -------------------
>>  Thank you,
>>  James Sirota
>>  PPMC- Apache Metron (Incubating)
>>  jsirota AT apache DOT org

Thank you,

James Sirota
PPMC- Apache Metron (Incubating)
jsirota AT apache DOT org

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