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From Nick Allen <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Opinionated Data Flows
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2016 17:55:21 GMT
Here is quick example with some hypothetical syntax.  Whatever that syntax
might be, it would be very simple, easy to understand, and leverage
high-level concepts specific to Metron.

This flow consumes Bro data, ensures there are valid source/destination
IPs, performs geo-enrichment, asset enrichment and finally persists the
data in Elasticsearch.

  -> parser("BasicBroParser")
  -> exists("ip_src_addr")
  -> exists("ip_dst_addr")
  -> geo_ip_src = geo["ip_src_addr"]
  -> geo_ip_dst = geo["ip_dst_addr"]
  -> application = assets["ip_src_addr"].application
  -> owner = assets["ip_src_addr"].owner
  -> elasticsearch("bro-index")

On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 12:58 PM, Nick Allen <> wrote:

> Chasing this bad idea down even further leads me to something even
> crazier.
> Stellar 1.0 can only operate within a single topology and in most cases
> only on a single message.  Stellar 2.0 could be the mechanism that allows
> users to define their own data flows and what "useful bits of Metron
> functionality" get plugged-in.
> Once, you have a DSL that allows users to define what they want Metron to
> do, then the underlying implementation mechanism (which is currently Storm)
> can also be swapped-out.  If we have an even faster Storm implementation,
> then we swap in the Storm NG engine.  Maybe we want Metron to also run in
> Flink, then we just swap-in a Flink engine.
> On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 12:52 PM, Nick Allen <> wrote:
>> I totally "bird dogged the previous thread" as Casey likes to call it. :)
>>  I am extracting this thought into a separate thread before I start
>> throwing out even more, crazier ideas.
>> In general, Metron is very opinionated about data flows right now.  We
>>> have Parser topologies that feed an Enrichment topology, which then feeds
>>> an Indexing topology.  We have useful bits of functionality (think Stellar
>>> transforms, Geo enrichment, etc) that are closely coupled with these
>>> topologies (aka data flows).
>>> When a user wants to parse heterogenous data from a single topic, that's
>>> not easy.  When a user wants enriched output to land in unique topics by
>>> sensor type, well, that's also not easy.    When a user wanted to skip
>>> enrichment of data sources, we actually re-architected the data flow to add
>>> the Indexing topology.
>>> In an ideal world, a user should be responsible for defining the data
>>> flow, not Metron.  Metron should provide the "useful bits of functionality"
>>> that a user can "plugin" wherever they like.  Metron itself should not care
>>> how the data is moving or what step in the process it is at.
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>> Nick Allen <>
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> Nick Allen <>

Nick Allen <>

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