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From James Sirota <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Mtron Project Maturity
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2017 17:36:01 GMT
Ok revised.  Anyone else wanted to chime in?

CD10The project produces Open Source software, for distribution to the public at no charge.

All of Metron source code is Open Source under the Apache 2.0 license.  We do not charge for
the software
1CD20The project's code is easily discoverable and publicly accessible.
All of Metron source code is staged in Github at the following URL:
 Metron also has a website at the following URL:  A Google
search for "Apache Metron" brings up these links #4 and #1 on the list respectively. 
CD30The code can be built in a reproducible way using widely available standard tools.
All of Metron source code (not inclusive of build scripts and configuration files)  can be
built via Maven from a top-level POM file
CD40The full history of the project's code is available via a source code control system,
in a way that allows any released version to be recreated.
We maintain release branches per every Metron release in source control.  The list of release
branches can be referenced here:
CD50The provenance of each line of code is established via the source code control system,
in a reliable way based on strong authentication of the committer. When third-party contributions
are committed, commit messages provide reliable information about the code provenance. 2
Full attribution to the committer is provided upon the merge of the pull request.  This is
recorded in two places.  First, it is recorded when a pull request is committed.  Second,
this is recorded in the JIRA workflow.

Licenses and Copyright
LC10The code is released under the Apache License, version 2.0.
All Metron code is released under the Apache 2.0 License.  We have had 4 sanctioned Apache
releases that are staged here:
LC20Libraries that are mandatory dependencies of the project's code do not create more restrictions
than the Apache License does. 3 4
Every direct or transient dependency packaged with Metron adheres to an Apache-compliant license.
 All dependencies with non-compliant licenses were removed
LC30The libraries mentioned in LC20 are available as Open Source software.
As far as we are aware all libraries mentioned in LC20 are available as Open Source software.
 We (a) use Maven to pull these libraries from an on-line source so we are sure they are freely
available for download and (b) we use a combination of Apache RAT and a Checkstyle plug-in
to check for license compliance. 
LC40Committers are bound by an Individual Contributor Agreement (the "Apache iCLA") that defines
which code they are allowed to commit and how they need to identify code that is not their
All Metron committers submitted a signed individual ICLA
LC50The copyright ownership of everything that the project produces is clearly defined and
documented. 5
We document copyrights of all included source code in compliance with Apache licensing standards.
RE10Releases consist of source code, distributed using standard and open archive formats that
are expected to stay readable in the long term. 6
Metron is released using the .tar.gz format
RE20Releases are approved by the project's PMC (see CS10), in order to make them an act of
the Foundation.
Each release is voted on by the PPMC members, who contribute binding votes to make the release.
RE30Releases are signed and/or distributed along with digests that can be reliably used to
validate the downloaded archives.
Links to the releases are provided along with hashes and signatures of the release to validate
its authenticity
RE40Convenience binaries can be distributed alongside source code but they are not Apache
Releases -- they are just a convenience provided with no guarantee.
Metron does not distribute convenience binaries
RE50The release process is documented and repeatable to the extent that someone new to the
project is able to independently generate the complete set of artifacts required for a release.
Our release process is documented here: Release Process
QU10The project is open and honest about the quality of its code. Various levels of quality
and maturity for various modules are natural and acceptable as long as they are clearly communicated.
Metron provides instructions on how to validate and test as a part of every voting email.
 Further more, there is a integration and unit test framework that runs during every Maven
build to catch bugs at build time.  
Instructions on how to verify builds are provided here: Verifying Builds
An email template announcing the build and providing a link to verification instructions can
be found here: Build Vote Template
QU20The project puts a very high priority on producing secure software. 7
As documented in our release instructions if a JIRA comes in that has security implications
on Metron it is prioritized and a new build may be issued immediately upon it's resolution.
 This process is documented here: Release Process
QU30The project provides a well-documented channel to report security issues, along with a
documented way of responding to them. 8
Metron has a security board where security issues can be identified and addressed.  The board
as well as the instructions on how to post are documented in Metron's incubation status page
located here: Metron Incubation Status
QU40The project puts a high priority on backwards compatibility and aims to document any incompatible
changes and provide tools and documentation to help users transition to new features.
We document incompatible changes and provide links to upgrades for every major build of Metron.
 An example can be seen in our announcement of the new build here: Announcing Metron 0.3.0
QU50The project strives to respond to documented bug reports in a timely manner.
We document bugs in the Metron JIRA as soon as we find them.  The Metron JIRA can be seen
CO10The project has a well-known homepage that points to all the information required to operate
according to this maturity model.
Metron's website is and Metron's wiki has additional information
that can be found here: Metron Wiki
CO20The community welcomes contributions from anyone who acts in good faith and in a respectful
manner and adds value to the project.
All community members are welcome to contribute and state opinions even via non-binding votes
CO30Contributions include not only source code, but also documentation, constructive bug reports,
constructive discussions, marketing and generally anything that adds value to the project.
We consider documentation, bug reports, and discussion a valuable contribution and consider
it when we put a person up for a vote of committer of PPMC
CO40The community is meritocratic and over time aims to give more rights and responsibilities
to contributors who add value to the project.
We have committers who have been promoted to PPMC based on merit 
CO50The way in which contributors can be granted more rights such as commit access or decision
power is clearly documented and is the same for all contributors.
This process is outlined in the Metron Bylaws and can be found here: Apache Metron Bylaws
CO60The community operates based on consensus of its members (see CS10) who have decision
power. Dictators, benevolent or not, are not welcome in Apache projects.
Every major decision that Metron makes is put up for a vote that generally lasts for 72 hours.
 All community members are welcome to weigh in and majority binding votes for YES or NO determine
the direction of the project
CO70The project strives to answer user questions in a timely manner.
We strive to respond as quickly as we can to any question we see on the boards
Consensus Building
CS10The project maintains a public list of its contributors who have decision power -- the
project's PMC (Project Management Committee) consists of those contributors.
Our public list of contributions and PPMC members is located here:
CS20Decisions are made by consensus among PMC members 9 and are documented on the project's
main communications channel. Community opinions are taken into account but the PMC has the
final word if needed.
All community votes and decisions are documented on the Apache boards
CS30Documented voting rules are used to build consensus when discussion is not sufficient.
Voting rules are documented in the Metron Bylaws located here: Apache Metron Bylaws
CS40In Apache projects, vetoes are only valid for code commits and are justified by a technical
explanation, as per the Apache voting rules defined in CS30.
A specific provision for this was recently added into the Metron Bylaws and was voted on and
approved by the Metron community.  The document is located here: Apache Metron Bylaws
CS50All "important" discussions happen asynchronously in written form on the project's main
communications channel. Offline, face-to-face or private discussions 11 that affect the project
are also documented on that channel.
Metron uses lists as primary communication channels.  This communication is visible to all
community.  If private conversations occur, they are documented on the boards to give visibility
to all and no project decisions are ever made in private. 
IN10The project is independent from any corporate or organizational influence. 12
Metron is not associated with any corporate or organizational entity
IN20Contributors act as themselves as opposed to representatives of a corporation or organization.
Contributors to Metron do not act as representatives of a corporation or organization

20.01.2017, 11:22, "Matt Foley" <>:
> Eh, I just realized my comment on RE40 is wrong. We are adding RPM-building tools, but
we do not currently release built RPMs as part of our releases. (I hope this will change :-)
So James’s original response is correct, at least for now. Sorry.
> On 1/20/17, 10:15 AM, "Matt Foley" < on behalf of>
>     James, looks great overall. A few nits, and two fixes:
>     CD10 – “under under” – de-dup.
>     CD30 – “is can be” - delete “is”
>     CD50 – “First, is” – “is” should be “it is”
>     LC50 – This doesn’t exactly answer the question. It is a question about copyright,
not licensing. (eg, see the NOTICE files in github)
>     A better response would be:
>     “We document copyrights of all included source code in compliance with Apache
licensing standards.”
>     RE40 – It is not correct that we don’t distribute convenience binaries. We
are in the process of adding RPMs to the sub-components that don’t already have them. A
better response would be:
>     “Although we do provide convenience binaries for some parts of the project
releases, (a) each release can be fully built from sources and used without reference to the
convenience binaries, and (b) the convenience binaries are documented to not be warranted
or guaranteed in any way.”
>     It might be advisable to check the documentation to confirm (b).
>     QU30 – “identified addressed” – insert “and”
>     “the Metron's” – delete “the”
>     QU50 – “Metorn” – should be “Metron”
>     Thanks,
>     --Matt
>     On 1/20/17, 9:38 AM, "James Sirota" <> wrote:
>         Guys,
>         I went through the Apache Project Maturity document and documented how
Metron meets each of these criteria. My draft is available here. What do you guys think? Anything
you would like to add/revise about this?
>         -------------------
>         Thank you,
>         James Sirota
>         PPMC- Apache Metron (Incubating)
>         jsirota AT apache DOT org

Thank you,

James Sirota
PPMC- Apache Metron (Incubating)
jsirota AT apache DOT org

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