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From Matt Foley <>
Subject Re: Metron Installation on an Ambari-Managed Cluster?
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2017 23:34:07 GMT
is much more recent.  It should still work, but I’m not sure how RPM generation has changed,
especially after David’s changes in METRON-671 (Refactor Ansible deployment to use Ambari).
 Of course the two scenarios are different (your link is about installing Metron AFTER fully
installing HDP, while this link is about installing it all together), but they use essentially
the same steps.

The above linked article does have a lot of cruft based on working around previously-existing
bugs that have now been fixed, so if something looks like it’s already been done, or doesn’t
make sense, it may be okay to ignore.

The one thing both articles do that just isn’t necessary, is make you install/run Docker
and do the RPM build on the cluster.  I routinely do the Docker-based RPM build on my Mac,
and move only the RPMs to the install directory used by the Metron MPack for Ambari (/localrepo/)
on the Metron nodes.

So if the Docker RPM build is the main impediment, try doing that.

On 3/24/17, 2:03 PM, "Otto Fowler" <> wrote:

    I have used
    a guide in the past, but it is out of date,
    I don’t think it can possibly work with docker rpm build now.
    Does anyone have any ideas what it would take to get this workflow working

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