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From Simon Elliston Ball <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] next release proposal
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2017 18:33:10 GMT
I'd really like to see METRON-623 (the ui) get into the release. It feels like the current
PR review is getting close, and that getting it in then focussing on follow on tasks in a
separate release would work well.

I would be all for getting a release out if only for the Kerberos work.


> On 4 Apr 2017, at 20:15, <> wrote:
> How far out is the management UI?
> Jon
>> On Tue, Apr 4, 2017, 2:09 PM Matt Foley <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Although it’s only been a few weeks since the last release was finally
>> published, that process started in January :-)
>> Also, the last commit in 0.3.1 was Feb 23, and there’s been a ton of
>> really cool new stuff added since then:
>> Biggest items:
>> - Multiple commits for REST API (base Jira: METRON-503)
>> - Multiple commits to work with Kerberized (secure) clusters (mult. Jiras)
>> Other major new features:
>> - METRON-690: DSL-based sparse time window specification for Profiler
>> - METRON-733: Remove Geo db from ParserBolt
>> - METRON-686: Record rule set that fired during Threat Triage
>> - METRON-743: Sort files when reading results from Pcap
>> - METRON-701: Triage metrics produced by Profiler
>> - METRON-744: Stellar external functions loaded from HDFS (and huge
>> speed-up for function resolution)
>> - METRON-694: Index errors from Topologies, and
>> - METRON-745: Create Error dashboards
>> - METRON-712: Separate eval from parse in Stellar
>> - METRON-765: Add GUID to messages
>> - METRON-793: Updated to storm-kafka-client spout
>> We’ve also had numerous bug fixes, docs improvements, and improvements to
>> deployment tools (docker, ansible, mpack, quickdev, and fulldev).
>> I think the REST API and Kerberization, by themselves, would justify a
>> release.  Along with the others, I’d like to propose that we make a release
>> soon.  The time frame I had in mind was at the end of this week I could cut
>> a release branch (so on-going work in master doesn’t get blocked) and start
>> the process of generating an RC.
>> What do you-all think?
>> Also, what additional work do you think should be included in this
>> release, and can it realistically get done by the end of this week?  The
>> time frame is, of course, flexible at the pleasure of the community – but
>> also, there will be another release in another couple months or so, so no
>> need to rush stuff.
>> Thanks,
>> --Matt
>> --
> Jon

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