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From ottobackwards <>
Subject [GitHub] metron pull request #580: METRON-942 [NO MERGE UNTIL METRON-777] Rest api an...
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2017 14:00:27 GMT
GitHub user ottobackwards reopened a pull request:

    METRON-942 [NO MERGE UNTIL METRON-777] Rest api and configuration for Metron parser extensions

    ## Contributor Comments
    METRON-777 introduces metron extensions and metron parser extensions. The existing parsers
have been moved to be packaged and loaded as extensions.
    A maven archetype for creating parser extensions has also been created.
    What is missing however is the ability to install a parser extension created outside the
metron tree by the archetype into a metron system.
    This PR introduces a REST api to accomplish this.
    Along with that, this PR introduces a parser extension configuration type, for zookeeper
that serves as a registry for installed extensions
    and their default configurations.  The idea being that in a follow on effort, the management
UI will create a new 'instance' of a parser type
    through cloning, editing and deploying these configurations.  The included configurations
are indexing, enrichment, parser, and elasticsearch.
    There may be multiple of these configurations, as each parser extension library can contain
more than one parser.
    NOTE: the elasticsearch template is NOT deployed to elasticsearch at this time. Any parser
created will still need a separate step for this.
    One outstanding question for feedback ->  The configuration tracks the parsers created
out of the extension, initially.  In the future this list should
    have new parsers added to it when they are cloned.  This would mean we would want new
rest endpoints to edit the configuration ( most likely api to add parser to config {name}
) added
    This PR is built on top of METRON-777, and should not be merged until METRON-777 is in,
and this branched is rebased on to master.
    ### USAGE
    For usage, I'll cover creating a parser and deploying it... and deleting it using the
rest api.
    ## Preparation
    In order to build the parser, we need to build and install the maven plugin to build the
bundles, as well as the maven archetype itself.
    At this time, since they are not published to apache maven, this will be a requirement.
    - Build the bundle plugin
    cd bundles-maven-plugin && mvn -q install && cd ..
    - Build the archetype
    cd metron-maven-archetypes/metron-maven-parser-extension-archetype
    mvn install
    cd ../..
    ## Create and build a new parser extension
    - Make a directory and cd into it
    - Create from archetype
    mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=local
       - choose the org.apache.metron:metron-maven-parser-extension-archetype (Apache Maven
Parser Extension Archetype for Metron) option
       - Fill out the information (information on the parameters is in the README for the
       - NOTE: at this time, the version must match the metronVersion.  Maven is using version
in the parent pom chain, and messing up the plugin dependency
    - cd into the created directory and build the parser extension
    mvn package
    This will result in the tar.gz being created inside the {NAME}-parser-assembly project/target
    ## start full_dev
    - run vagrant up from metron-deployment/vagrant/full_dev_platform
    ## add a slot to storm
    - log into ambari on http://node1:8080
    - add a new slot to the storm config
    ## Open swagger
    - log into ambari on http://node1:8080
    - go into the metron service | quicklinks
    - start swagger with user | password
    ## Install your parser
    In swagger, using the parser-extension-controller
    - drop down the POST method
    - use the file selector to select the created .tar.gz
    - execute
    The extension should now be installed:
    - you should be able to use the other GET methods to review the generated configuration.
      - the configuration will have the extensionID to use for the other {name} operations
    - you should be able to view the installed files in hdfs/apps/metron/patterns/{parsername},
    ## Start the parser using rest
    Still in swagger
    - Use the Kafka Controller and the Storm Controller to create a {parserName} topic, and
start a storm job for {parserName}
    - In the storm UI you should see the storm instance for the parser
    You should be able to verify using the rest api and the various controllers that the configurations
are there and the topics exist and the storm jobs as well
    ## Uninstall your parser
    In swagger, using the parser-extension-controller
    - drop down the DELETE method
    - fill in the name parameter with the extensionID from the config
    - exectute
    When complete you should see that the kafka topic, storm job, the various configurations
are all gone, along with the patterns and other things from hdfs
    Because this is on METRON-777 the changed file list remains huge.
    The main changes here are those in the metron-interface directories
    As well as those in the metron-common configuration
    In github, select all changes from 2f9cf0d199c565ae1c7ceb1cfdddfb0ebad96c31 onwards.
    ## Pull Request Checklist
    Thank you for submitting a contribution to Apache Metron.  
    Please refer to our [Development Guidelines](
for the complete guide to follow for contributions.  
    Please refer also to our [Build Verification Guidelines](
for complete smoke testing guides.  
    In order to streamline the review of the contribution we ask you follow these guidelines
and ask you to double check the following:
    ### For all changes:
    - [x ] Is there a JIRA ticket associated with this PR? If not one needs to be created
at [Metron Jira](

    - [ x] Does your PR title start with METRON-XXXX where XXXX is the JIRA number you are
trying to resolve? Pay particular attention to the hyphen "-" character.
    - [x ] Has your PR been rebased against the latest commit within the target branch (typically
    ### For code changes:
    - [x ] Have you included steps to reproduce the behavior or problem that is being changed
or addressed?
    - [ x] Have you included steps or a guide to how the change may be verified and tested
    - [x ] Have you ensured that the full suite of tests and checks have been executed in
the root incubating-metron folder via:
      mvn -q clean integration-test install && build_utils/ 
    - [x ] Have you written or updated unit tests and or integration tests to verify your
    - [x ] If adding new dependencies to the code, are these dependencies licensed in a way
that is compatible for inclusion under [ASF 2.0](

    - [x ] Have you verified the basic functionality of the build by building and running
locally with Vagrant full-dev environment or the equivalent?
    ### For documentation related changes:
    - [x ] Have you ensured that format looks appropriate for the output in which it is rendered
by building and verifying the site-book? If not then run the following commands and the verify
changes via `site-book/target/site/index.html`:
      cd site-book
      mvn site
    #### Note:
    Please ensure that once the PR is submitted, you check travis-ci for build issues and
submit an update to your PR as soon as possible.
    It is also recommended that [travis-ci]( is set up for your personal
repository such that your branches are built there before submitting a pull request.

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull METRON-942

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #580
commit 864d320d91c522dfc2eb63fc12341f316a3f8952
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-03-17T04:56:49Z

    Metron Extension system
    Based on Apache Nifi Nars
    NAR changes
    * new lib , rebrand to bundles from NAR
    * port to VFS/FileObject from File based
    * ability to set property values
    * Rework FileUtils so that you can derive and override
    * added initializers to set 'classes' that we care about instead of hard coding them,
still needs defaults
    * added components nec. for integration tests ( do not want dep. on metron-* )
    * VFSClassloader for NarClassLoader
    * Hdfs based integration test version of unpacknars tests
    * HDFS ( filesystem ) based fileutilities to cover for writes to hdfs, since VFS is currently
    * modified plugin to support configuration of outputs
    * use class index not service loader ( both subclass and annotated supported )
    * Parser Extension archetyp
    * incudes all configuration
    * creates tar.gz with bundle and configuration
    * class index support ( automatic generation )
    * new extensions modules
    * parser
    * archetype built module for each parser type
    * support for configuration only parsers with tests
    * moved all but json, csv, grok to extensions
    * Bolt now loads from bundle properties
    * rpms for parsers
    * create extension directories
    * ambari initializes zookeeper per parser
    * amabri creates hdfs directories
    * ISSUE: Writing to hdfs
    * only test against parsers in metron-parsers
    * still needs integration

commit 850154cb086bd9f825daa6797b575cde95392a87
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-04-14T12:55:37Z

    fix package names

commit e8caaf51e3f3d640e9ec1c3c548bd722d595687d
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-04-17T12:19:02Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit c18cbe3a8847fbed7b5f6ba9182b58f01d142c2c
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-04-23T16:14:15Z

    merge apache/master

commit 7760425b02142f01f37d58876aa09fb88b197c82
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-04-27T10:45:37Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit bc7cc2d823d54be58fae13ef94f671457d4c10f0
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-04-29T04:05:41Z

    use correct testing bundle

commit c25585d10529ca2048d2ed0df4d8dbd904d3db17
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-04-29T04:07:11Z

    use the configured extension list, do not hardcode

commit 158f463f121cbca2cf2c4d3c1cd9cf7b707e1d23
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-04-29T12:58:41Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit e21efb89a37d034e36cb82dab6c0b862cad3777b
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-04-30T13:16:41Z

    make dependency explicit, I think parent version is not what we think it is when running
from archetype, causing the extension versio to be used for this dependency

commit ac92d7b88404f8b8bc825c71a4aeee5aa015d757
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-04-30T13:44:58Z

    instead of hard-coding in metron-parsers-extensions, overload in the archetype to use

commit fd021e42a2cdb80676426b65ae227ac9f44fcd6a
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-03T14:34:31Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit 9cafe970b40d551a846fc442ac121591ab1d0d6d
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-04T02:18:29Z

    specify the plugin to fix dependency problem

commit de48845634ae1cecb258175326592a28f5b3f8fe
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-04T02:40:55Z

    second attempt to fix plugin errors with jacoco

commit 995a4d746fa21400a55e9571957878ef2d5b48d8
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-04T13:46:58Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit 5f74fc3a15fe5e56f9e3483fa4c25961ffb284dd
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-04T20:25:18Z

    be sure to clear out before and after, we cannot assume order of maven build

commit a3e63555e4e76486be58ddd6f818006ff42cdd1f
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-05T03:42:54Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit 1e0e30562b4b526d9512bb1dc06077674d6b3277
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-05T18:18:32Z

    update archetype based on changes to loading and configuration

commit e3b71aed74271cf255be5fad072a99506f553d2e
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-06T16:08:58Z

    use simple json and not the JSONUtil Instance, there are issues in storm loading

commit 6c0201b853ffd079f02589011c57cb6a960475e8
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-09T13:55:31Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit ab0aad849319117dd3d964247861cf09bc3e7822
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-10T12:57:21Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit 5565ad661f4143234b67230f7cfd420ea1bce91a
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-10T19:47:58Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit 225fb4e38d6e5ec5eff877be2a84c8fd29af0c3e
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-12T18:12:03Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit 97c1be132c114a0f3f729e5f9887adb5aa49f582
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-17T02:22:33Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit b73f35fc25982556ad469de409e15c72b0305a8a
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-19T15:33:30Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit eb2062be4c14d0549a6ce2504dbbe29ea5510141
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-22T11:58:50Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit 382a29e18f9ab161f0a21d92c1ba3ce6f2601eeb
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-22T12:01:38Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit 90a51deb14078b57966f3ad8e2f7e000cbb74ca3
Author: Jon Zeolla <>
Date:   2017-05-25T21:52:55Z

    Merge branch 'METRON-777' of into METRON-777

commit 2e66ea397ffc82caf6a76d47ba3651754361dd51
Author: Jon Zeolla <>
Date:   2017-05-25T22:07:23Z

    Trivial documentation changes

commit 0dd8cf8c9ab89b43d543de8b5237010a948540a9
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-26T01:58:05Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-777

commit a2634f31d2b16f9ece00dbae49a8b0265f091cfd
Author: Otto Fowler <>
Date:   2017-05-26T02:00:07Z

    Merge branch 'METRON-777' of into jz-metron-777


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