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From Justin Leet <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Easing the ramp-up into contributing
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2017 14:47:59 GMT
I wanted to start a discussion and get some thoughts on what some of the
hurdles are to contributing and working on contributions.  I'd like to make
it easier for everyone to dive right in and make contributions throughout
the project (and even just get information about what we're building).

We've been incrementally working on this with some great stuff (The site
book, perf tuning guide, some cleanup around organization, etc.) and it'd
be nice to keep that momentum going.

Here's a couple things off the top of my head that I thought of. Feel free
to expand, agree, disagree, etc.:

   - Link the site-book more prominently, probably on the GitHub landing
   page.  It takes a few hops to find right now (or I'm not finding the right
   hops, which is its own potential hurdle).
   - In the same vein, link to the contributing docs on the main landing
   README. It should be immediately obvious where to go to start being able to
   - Improve our Javadocs and general Maven reporting and make them more
   generally discoverable? I know a lot of this is continually in flux as
   we've been building and improving even foundational things, so we'd
   probably want to be careful about how much we want to do here.
   - Improve Ambari dev docs. I started that with (, but I know there's more to
   flesh out there. Feel free to hop on the comments of that. I'd love to hear
   what first impression hurdles are, even (especially?) if you haven't
   touched mpack)
   - Guides on debugging.  We've been doing a couple things, but we need to
   make it easier to find and diagnose problems, imo. A lot of this is
   debugging of our dependencies, but ultimately we need to at least give a
   starting point into digging into that type of thing.
   - We've been improving the "How do I just spin something up and see it
   work" experience and decreasing confusion around options, but I'm sure
   there's more we can do here (Suggestions?)
   - Tribal knowledge in general.  I'd list specifics, but I don't know
   them because they aren't documented.

I'd love to see this list expanded with thoughts and even tickets.

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