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From Matt Foley <>
Subject [VOTE][PROPOSAL] minor changes to release process
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2017 21:47:06 GMT
(The below proposal is also stated in )

The following proposed changes are small, but not just editorial in nature, hence will require
vote of the community to change. Our bylaws don’t have an action type of Modifying Policy,
but it’s probably fair to consider policies to be “included by reference” in Bylaws,
so let’s vote on this like a Bylaws change.  “Lazy majority of PMC members” applies
– same as a release.

Regarding the process at

1. Add a step to tag the final release, as "apache-metron-<finalversion>-release".

2. The current policy says that when a critical release is urgently needed, "the 72 hour waiting
periods in Steps 7 and 8 can be waived." The formerly referenced Step 8 was for the Incubator
vote, so that can be removed as an editorial issue, but we should also allow for not waiting
for mirror propagation – let the mirrors catch up as fast as they can. So the text should
now read: "the 72 hour waiting period in Step 7 and the wait for mirror propagation in Step
10 can be waived."

3. Finally, it is good practice to increment the build version in POMs immediately AFTER a
release, so that builds with new stuff cannot be mistaken for builds of the release version.
The current policy says to increment it just BEFORE a release. I suggest changing this to
a) immediately after a release, increment the MINOR version number (eg, with the 0.4.0 just
released, set the new version number to 0.4.1)
b) immediately before a release, decide whether it will be a minor or major release. If minor,
assure that the minor version number was already incremented after the last release and continue
to use that number. If major, change the version number to the desired new major version.

c) These version number changes are in master branch.  Creation of new branches does not occur
until the idea of creating a maintenance branch or a new release branch has been consented
by the community.

Please share your thoughts and/or vote.

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