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From Justin Leet <>
Subject Re: Java Code style is now Google Java Style Guide
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2017 11:06:31 GMT
The wiki at Development Guidelines
has been updated, please take a look and if any updates are required, feel
free to reply and I'll update the page.


On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 10:23 PM, Justin Leet <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Following the merge of METRON-746
> <> in
>, our code style is to follow
> the Google Java Style Guide
> <>, where previously it
> was a two-space indented variant of the Sun standards.  Please take a look
> over the style guide, but it should mostly conform to what everyone is used
> to other than some minor things. This does not include any automated
> enforcement of code formatting, it's still the contributor's responsibility
> (and instructions for IntelliJ IDEA warnings and code formatting setup are
> included at the bottom).
> Right now, there is a ticket for reformatting our existing code, but
> specifics haven't been worked out (See: METRON-747
> <>).  Please follow the
> existing practices of not reformatting files for unrelated changes and
> following the general formatting of a noncomplying files.
> The wiki has not been updated yet (I'll need permissions, if someone wants
> to work with me to update it).  Both the updated style and a set of IDE
> instructions will be added.  I'll follow up this email with a link when
> completed, but a wall of text setup is included both here and on the PR in
> the meantime
> Here's how to get warnings and formatting in IntelliJ IDEA.  Eclipse
> refused to show any warnings or errors with our project, so if someone is
> successfully using Eclipse (or wants to), I'm happy to help out and update
> the instructions. The PR's formatting might be more readable, so feel free
> to refer to it.
> The steps to get warnings in the IDE are:
>    - Install the plugin (Available in IntelliJ's directly)
>    - Go into Settings -> Other Settings -> Checkstyle
>    - Change "Checkstyle version" to 8.0.
>    - Apply. Otherwise the new file won't match the version and an error
>    will be thrown.
>    - Add a new Checkstyle file
>       - Use the checkstyle.xml file included in the root directory of the
>       project. This file is identical to google_checks.xml
>       <>,
>       but we may choose to change it in the future.
>       - If you have errors, you most likely need to make sure you're set
>       to the right version and have applied it.
>    - Select the checkbox for the new style
>    - Apply
> New warnings should show up in Java files, such as whitespace issues, etc.
> See Google's Java Style Checkstyle Coverage
> <> for what exactly
> what Checkstyle can look for and what needs an actual human set of eyes.
> For code formatting:
> There are two options for IDE code formatting. One is to import the
> checkstyle.xml file from the project root. The other is to import Google's
> IntelliJ editor settings for coverage. In practice, Google's direct
> IntelliJ settings seem to handle autoformatting better.
> Follow the instructions for setting up formatting at
> wiki/Installing-the-google-styleguide-settings-in-intellij-and-eclipse.
> The direct Checkstyle can be imported similarly by choosing the CheckStyle
> Configuration when doing Import Scheme.
> At this point, running the code formatter should take care of most
> formatting issues.  In my experience several issues, such as commas being
> at the start of the line, will be not automatically resolved (although the
> IDE will give a warning).

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