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From nickwallen <>
Subject [GitHub] metron pull request #827: METRON-1294: IP addresses are not formatted correc...
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2017 18:16:07 GMT
Github user nickwallen commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: metron-platform/metron-indexing/src/test/java/org/apache/metron/indexing/dao/
    @@ -221,12 +222,24 @@ public void batchUpdate(Map<Document, Optional<String>>
updates) throws IOExcept
    -  public Map<String, Map<String, FieldType>> getColumnMetadata(List<String>
indices) throws IOException {
    -    Map<String, Map<String, FieldType>> columnMetadata = new HashMap<>();
    +  @Override
    +  public Map<String, FieldType> getColumnMetadata(List<String> indices) throws
IOException {
    +    Map<String, FieldType> indexColumnMetadata = new HashMap<>();
         for(String index: indices) {
    -      columnMetadata.put(index, new HashMap<>(COLUMN_METADATA.get(index)));
    +      Map<String, FieldType> columnMetadata = COLUMN_METADATA.get(index);
    +      for (Entry entry: columnMetadata.entrySet()) {
    +        String field = (String) entry.getKey();
    +        FieldType type = (FieldType) entry.getValue();
    +        if (indexColumnMetadata.containsKey(field)) {
    +          if (!type.equals(indexColumnMetadata.get(field))) {
    +            indexColumnMetadata.remove(field);
    --- End diff --
    > I agree with you that it would be confusing but I'm not sure what the correct behavior
should be. 
    Right.  I don't think there is an obviously correct answer here. 
    Whichever approach we do take, I think we should have a big fat, `LOG.error` here logging
the duplicate field names, the index names, and what the impact of this is.
    > Should we include the field but just set the type to OTHER? This is how the ElasticsearchDao
treats fields it doesn't have type information for but so it might be better to explicitly
state this in the column metadata endpoint response.
    Do you know how the UI behaves if we were to do this?  I think your idea definitely sounds
reasonable, but I'd want to see how the UI behaves with the logic defined like this.


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