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From Michel Sumbul <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Pcap UI user requirements
Date Fri, 04 May 2018 13:37:01 GMT
It can be like a report but also to investigate some case where the user
want to see the whole packet (all the bits and bytes). Like in wireshark,
something interactive no?

2018-05-04 14:33 GMT+01:00 Otto Fowler <>:

> The PCAP Query seems more like PCAP Report to me.  You are generating a
> report based on parameters.
> That report is something that takes some time and external process to
> generate… ie you have to wait for it.
> I can almost imagine a flow where you:
> * Are in the AlertUI
> * Ask to generate a PCAP report based on some selected alerts/meta-alert,
> possibly picking from on or more report ‘templates’
> that have query options etc
> * The report request is ‘queued’, that is dispatched to be be
> executed/generated
> * You as a user have a ‘queue’ of your report results, and when the report
> is done it is queued there
> * We ‘monitor’ the report/queue press through the yarn rest ( report
> info/meta has the yarn details )
> * You can select the report from your queue and view it either in a new UI
> or custom component
> * You can then apply a different ‘view’ to the report or work with the
> report data
> * You can print / save etc
> * You can associate the report with the alerts ( again in the report info )
> with…. a ‘case’ or ‘ticket’ or investigation something or other
> We can introduce extensibility into the report templates, report views (
> thinks that work with the json data of the report )
> Something like that.
> On May 4, 2018 at 09:19:15, Ryan Merriman ( wrote:
> Continuing a discussion that started in a discuss thread about exposing
> Pcap query capabilities in the back end. How should we expose this feature
> to users? Should it be integrated into the Alerts UI or be separate
> standalone UI?
> To summarize the general points made in the other thread:
> - Adding this capability to the Alerts UI will make it more of a
> composite app. Is that really what we want since we have separate UIs for
> Alerts and management?
> - Would it be better to bring it in on it's own so it can be released
> with qualifiers and tested with the right expectations without affecting
> the Alerts UI?
> - There are some use cases that begin with an infosec analyst doing a
> search on alerts
> followed by them going to query pcap data corresponding to the
> threats they're investigating. Would having these features in the same
> UI streamline this process?
> There was also mention of some features we should consider:
> - Pcap queries should be made asynchronous via the UI
> - Take care that a user doesn't hit refresh or POST multiple times and kick
> off 50 mapreduce jobs
> - Options for managing the YARN queue that is used
> - Provide a "cancel" option that kills the MR job, or tell the user to
> go to the CLI to kill their job
> - Managing data if multiple users run queries
> - Strategy for cleaning up jobs and implementing a TTL (I think this one
> will be tricky and definitely needs discussion)
> - Date range or other query limits
> A couple other features I would add:
> - Ability to paginate through results
> - Ability to download results through the UI
> - Realtime status of a running job in the UI
> Let me know if I missed any points or did not correctly capture them
> here. What
> other points do we need to consider? What other features should be
> required? Nice to have?

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