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From Otto Fowler <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Pcap UI user requirements
Date Fri, 04 May 2018 13:44:18 GMT
That is the ‘views’ part.

We can have options on the data output, if you have output full data, then
we can have different views and interactions for inspection and level of

On May 4, 2018 at 09:37:13, Michel Sumbul ( wrote:

It can be like a report but also to investigate some case where the user
want to see the whole packet (all the bits and bytes). Like in wireshark,
something interactive no?

2018-05-04 14:33 GMT+01:00 Otto Fowler <>:

> The PCAP Query seems more like PCAP Report to me. You are generating a
> report based on parameters.
> That report is something that takes some time and external process to
> generate… ie you have to wait for it.
> I can almost imagine a flow where you:
> * Are in the AlertUI
> * Ask to generate a PCAP report based on some selected alerts/meta-alert,
> possibly picking from on or more report ‘templates’
> that have query options etc
> * The report request is ‘queued’, that is dispatched to be be
> executed/generated
> * You as a user have a ‘queue’ of your report results, and when the
> is done it is queued there
> * We ‘monitor’ the report/queue press through the yarn rest ( report
> info/meta has the yarn details )
> * You can select the report from your queue and view it either in a new
> or custom component
> * You can then apply a different ‘view’ to the report or work with the
> report data
> * You can print / save etc
> * You can associate the report with the alerts ( again in the report info
> with…. a ‘case’ or ‘ticket’ or investigation something or other
> We can introduce extensibility into the report templates, report views (
> thinks that work with the json data of the report )
> Something like that.
> On May 4, 2018 at 09:19:15, Ryan Merriman ( wrote:
> Continuing a discussion that started in a discuss thread about exposing
> Pcap query capabilities in the back end. How should we expose this
> to users? Should it be integrated into the Alerts UI or be separate
> standalone UI?
> To summarize the general points made in the other thread:
> - Adding this capability to the Alerts UI will make it more of a
> composite app. Is that really what we want since we have separate UIs for
> Alerts and management?
> - Would it be better to bring it in on it's own so it can be released
> with qualifiers and tested with the right expectations without affecting
> the Alerts UI?
> - There are some use cases that begin with an infosec analyst doing a
> search on alerts
> followed by them going to query pcap data corresponding to the
> threats they're investigating. Would having these features in the same
> UI streamline this process?
> There was also mention of some features we should consider:
> - Pcap queries should be made asynchronous via the UI
> - Take care that a user doesn't hit refresh or POST multiple times and
> off 50 mapreduce jobs
> - Options for managing the YARN queue that is used
> - Provide a "cancel" option that kills the MR job, or tell the user to
> go to the CLI to kill their job
> - Managing data if multiple users run queries
> - Strategy for cleaning up jobs and implementing a TTL (I think this one
> will be tricky and definitely needs discussion)
> - Date range or other query limits
> A couple other features I would add:
> - Ability to paginate through results
> - Ability to download results through the UI
> - Realtime status of a running job in the UI
> Let me know if I missed any points or did not correctly capture them
> here. What
> other points do we need to consider? What other features should be
> required? Nice to have?

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