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From Justin Leet <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Release cadence
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2018 15:01:54 GMT
Hi all,

In concert with the discuss thread on a potential 0.6.0 release, I'd also
like start a discussion about our release cadence.  We've generally been
pretty relaxed around doing releases, and I'm curious what people's
thoughts are on adopting a somewhat more regular schedule.

Couple questions I think are relevant
1. Is this something we should work towards and, if we do, how do we want
to go about it?

   - "Whenever someone feels like pushing out a discuss thread"?
   - "Let's just start a discuss thread every X and if we want to release
   we release"?
   - "let's try to get a release out every X and what's on the bus is on
   the bus"?
   - Something else?

2. Assuming we do want to do more regular releases, what's the timeframe
we'd like to shoot for?

Personally, I'd like to just start a discuss thread regularly, with the
built-in expectation that not every thread should necessarily lead to a
release. I don't want to be forcing release overhead when there's not
enough to merit a release, but releasing more often than we often do now
would provide a lot of values to users.

In terms of timeframe, I tend to think a 2-3 month cadence for the threads
is reasonable. It's long enough to potentially accrue enough features to
merit a release, but short enough that when we pass on a release we're
probably fine just waiting for another cycle to come around.  The last
release was ~2 months ago and we have a good amount of stuff here, but I
also don't expect two feature branches going in to be the norm.

I'd expect whatever comes out of this thread to also be relatively
informal. At least right now, I don't feel like we need a rigid schedule,
and I'd still like people to feel encouraged to propose a release,
particularly when there are a couple major features or critical fixes.
Alternatively, I would expect some of these discuss threads to conclude,
"We should do a release, but let's wait a couple waits for these tickets to
finish up" (e.g. like the Pcap query panel).


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