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From Michael Miklavcic <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Next Release
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2019 18:08:33 GMT
I'd like to see this fixed for the next release. Even though it's a
non-prod issue, this is a core part of our infrastructure/development
lifecycle that is currently broken and fits with our previous agreements of
holding a release until all intermittent test failures are addressed.

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 11:33 AM Nick Allen <> wrote:

> I would like to open a discussion in regards to the next release. Our last
> 0.7.0 release was on Dec 11th.
> I believe we have a significant number of bug fixes and performance
> improvements that would make a worthy point release; 0.7.1.  Although, we
> should review the change log and see if there are any breaking changes that
> would require a bump to the minor version.
> Thoughts?
> $ git log --format=%B  tags/apache-metron_0.7.0-release..HEAD | grep
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into METRON-2035
> METRON-2035 Allow User to Configure Role Names for Access Control
> METRON-2030 SensorParserGroupControllerIntegrationTest intermittent errors
> (merrimanr via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1352
> METRON-2031 [UI] Turning off initial search request and polling by default
> on Alerts UI (tiborm via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1353
> METRON-2012 Unable to Execute Stellar Functions Against HBase in the REPL
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1345
> METRON-1971 Short timeout value in Cypress may cause build failures
> (sardell) closes apache/metron#1323
> METRON-1940 Check if not and install Elastic search templates / Solr
> collections when indexing server is restarted (MohanDV) closes
> apache/metron#1305
> METRON-2019 Improve Metron REST Logging (merrimanr) closes
> apache/metron#1347
> METRON-2016 Parser aggregate groups should be persisted and available
> through REST (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1346
> METRON-1987 Upgrade Alert UI to stable Bootstrap 4 (sardell) closes
> apache/metron#1336
> METRON-1968 Messages are lost when a parser produces multiple messages and
> batch size is greater than 1 (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1330
> METRON-1778 Out-of-order timestamps may delay flush in Storm Profiler
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1197
> METRON-1996 Solr search throws NPE for group search if the group parameter
> is null or empty (MohanDV via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1333
> METRON-1944 Unable to Delete a Comment in Alerts UI (ruffle1986 via
> sardell) closes apache/metron#1307
> METRON-2010 Unable to Build Metron Due to Inaccessible Repository
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1343
> METRON-1998 Only one sensor is flushed by tick tuple (merrimanr) closes
> apache/metron#1335
> METRON-2009 Address Javadoc checkstyle issues in metron-common (justinleet)
> closes apache/metron#1342
> METRON-2005 Batch Writer writes 0-byte files to HDFS on rotation
> (justinleet) closes apache/metron#1338
> METRON-2007 Management UI not loading grok statements correctly (merrimanr)
> closes apache/metron#1340
> METRON-1986 Batch Profiler Fails to Resolve Stats Stellar Functions
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1328
> METRON-1993 Stellar REST_GET should handle responses when content length is
> less than zero (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1331
> METRON-1999 Adding validation against special characters to parser name
> field (tiborm via sardell) closes apache/metron#1337
> METRON-1985 Improve Error Handling When Cannot Connect to HBase
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1327
> METRON-1974 Batch Profiler Should Handle Errant Profiles Better
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1326
> METRON-1970 Add Metadata to Error Messages Generated During Parsing
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1325
> METRON-1995 Arrow icon in date range selector moved to a wrong position
> (ruffle1986 via sardell) closes apache/metron#1332
> METRON-1973 Upgrade Alert UI&apos;s webpack-dev-server to 3.1.14 (tiborm
> via sardell) closes apache/metron#1324
> METRON-1948 Dropped messages from REGEX_SELECT parser field transformation
> are not acked in Storm (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1321
> METRON-1969 Adding Cypress documentation to Alert UI&apos;s
> (tiborm via sardell) closes apache/metron#1322
> METRON-1933 Improve build-utils helper scripts (JonZeolla via
> ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1297
> METRON-1962 Make entering JDBC details in REST config to be optional
> (anandsubbu) closes apache/metron#1318
> METRON-1929 Build GET_ASN Stellar function (justinleet) closes
> apache/metron#1299
> METRON-1956 prepare-commit does not run all the tests it should
> (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1315
> METRON-1965 Knox should work on a multi-node installation (merrimanr)
> closes apache/metron#1320
> METRON-1939 Update version to 0.7.1 (justinleet via nickwallen) closes
> apache/metron#1303
> METRON-685 Scores in Threat Triage should be a Stellar Statement
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1311
> METRON-1963 Remove left over integration test from before refactoring
> (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1319
> METRON-1945 Metron MPack support for Knox SSO setup (merrimanr) closes
> apache/metron#1308
> METRON-1878 Add Metron as a Knox service (merrimanr) closes
> apache/metron#1275
> METRON-1958 Optimize Cypress to use best practices (sardell via merrimanr)
> closes apache/metron#1317
> METRON-1957 5424 and 3164 parser configurations are packaged in wrong place
> (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1316
> METRON-1955 Update metron SPEC file to include syslog 3164 parser
> (anandsubbu via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1314
> METRON-1893 Create a syslog 3164 parser (ottobackwards) closes
> apache/metron#1279
> METRON-1954 Commit Script Fails to Extract Usernames with Numerals
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1313
> METRON-1953 Stellar REPL Fails on Start (nickwallen) closes
> apache/metron#1312
> METRON-1941 Alert Escalation Not Consistent in Alerts UI (ruffle1986 via
> nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1306
> METRON-1951: Add site-book generation to Travis build (mmiklavc) closes
> apache/metron#1310
> METRON-1934 Stellar should built without error prone messages
> (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1298
> METRON-1950: Site-book generation broken in master (mmiklavc) closes
> apache/metron#1309
> METRON-1936 Cypress fails when trying to parse double quotes (sardell)
> closes apache/metron#1301
> METRON-1815: Separate metron-parsers into metron-parsers-common and
> metron-parsers-storm (justinleet via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1249
> METRON-1932 Update ES and Kibana to 5.6.14 (JonZeolla) closes
> apache/metron#1296
> METRON-1938 Add Parser Debugger to READMEs (nickwallen) closes
> apache/metron#1304
> METRON-1925 Provide Verbose View of Profile Results in REPL (nickwallen)
> closes apache/metron#1292
> METRON-1795: General Purpose Regex Parser (jadeepsinh2 via mmiklavc) closes
> apache/metron#1245
> METRON-1892 Parser Debugger Should Load Config From Zookeeper (nickwallen)
> closes apache/metron#1278
> METRON-1937 Update public web site to point at 0.7.0 new release
> (justinleet) closes apache/metron#1302
> METRON-1879 Allow Elasticsearch to Auto-Generate the Document ID
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1269
> METRON-1930 Update webpack-dev-server in Alerts UI (sardell) closes
> apache/metron#1294
> METRON-1849 Elasticsearch Index Write Functionality Should be Shared
> (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1254

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