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From James Sirota <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Update dev guidelines with format for sharing architecture source files and rendered images
Date Fri, 03 May 2019 03:25:28 GMT
i am ok with it as long as we are not forcing people to buy stuff 

02.05.2019, 18:18, "Michael Miklavcic" <>:
> Here's the latest discussion on the subject:
> I'd like to propose a vote to change our dev guidelines which will clarify
> the tooling we use to produce diagrams and share the source files for those
> diagrams. I propose the dev guidelines
> and
> PR checklist
> be
> changed in the following ways:
>    1. Under "1.1 Contributing A Code Change"
>       1. Change <<"New features and significant bug fixes should be
>       documented in the JIRA and appropriate architecture diagrams should be
>       attached. Major features may require a vote.">> to <<"New features
>       and significant bug fixes should be documented in the JIRA. Appropriate
>       architecture diagrams should be created in
> and committed
>       to source control as per section 2.4. Diagrams may be requested of PR
>       submitters during review either as documentation or as an aid to the
>       reviewer. Major features may also require a vote.">>
>    2. Under "2.4 Documentation"
>       1. New line item <<"Diagrams - We save architecture diagram source
>       files in an xml format rendered by (instructions below). This
>       is the free tool of choice that we've agreed to use for exchanging
>       diagrams and their source files in Metron.">>
>       2. New line item <<Image and diagram source files belong in
>       "<module-name>/images-source" and rendered diagrams and images belong
>       "<module-name>/images."
>       3. New subsection <<"Creating and Modifying Diagrams">>. This
>       would provide basic instructions for downloading source files from
>    3. Add a new checkbox item under PR checklist heading "For documentation
>    related changes" with the following text
>       1. Have you ensured that any documentation diagrams have been
>       updated, along with their source files, using See
> for
>       instructions.
>    4. Here is the Jira for migrating/redoing existing diagrams
>       1.
> We require a minimum of 72 hours for a vote, not typically including
> weekend days. I'd like to leave this vote open until Wednesday 5/8, 12PM
> EDT. Please vote +1, -1, or 0 to abstain, and also indicate if your vote is
> binding or non-binding.

Thank you,

James Sirota
PMC- Apache Metron
jsirota AT apache DOT org

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