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From Justin Leet <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Metron release 0.7.1
Date Wed, 15 May 2019 21:48:36 GMT
Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce the release of Metron 0.7.1! There's been a lot of
work in put in for everything including fixes, improvements, documentation,
refactoring, and discussion. Thanks to everyone who's contributed, and
thanks to our users!

There is a callout for users regarding the development environment, and the
use of parser aggregation by default. This functionality is used by default
in the environment to fit more sensors into the limited resources, but
management of this feature is not yet available in the management UI. How
to work with and disable it as needed, are detailed in
and Parser
Aggregation Feature

The official release source code tarballs may be obtained at any of the
mirrors listed in

As usual, the secure signatures and confirming hashes may be obtained at

The release branch in github is (tag

The release doc book is at
The Apache Metron web site at has been updated;
please refresh your web browser cache if the new links do not immediately

Change lists and Release Notes may be obtained at the same locations as the
For your reading pleasure, the change list is appended to this message.

CHANGES (in reverse chronological order):

    METRON-2100 Update developer documentation for full dev management
UI parser aggregation feature gap (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1398
    METRON-2018 Update prepare-commit to add Bro plugin tests
(ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1348
    METRON-2093 Metron RC check script is outdated (justinleet) closes
    METRON-2094 Create CentOS 7 Development Environment (nickwallen)
closes apache/metron#1395
    METRON-2090 Full dev is failing with missing
org.mortbay.jetty:jetty-util:jar:6.1.26.hwx dependency (merrimanr)
closes apache/metron#1391
    METRON-2091 SimpleHBaseEnrichmentWriterTest should be included in
tests (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1392
    METRON-2078 Remove Storm dependency from metron-writer (merrimanr)
closes apache/metron#1386
    METRON-2065 Setting Parser Output Topic in Sensor Config is broken
(merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1377
    METRON-2067 Maven pom file duplicate dependency fixes (mmiklavc)
closes apache/metron#1379
    METRON-2074 Script to handle TGT renewal with Storm and Kerberos
enabled (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1382
    METRON-2082 Update the README document steps to run Batch Profiler
(MohanDV via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1387
    METRON-2006 Reenable JacoCo code coverage (justinleet via
nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1339
    METRON-2071 Add MAP_PUT and MAP_MERGE to Stellar (mmiklavc) closes
    METRON-2014 Add architectural documentation for metron-writer
(merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1381
    METRON-2026 Remove Storm dependency from metron-common (merrimanr)
closes apache/metron#1351
    METRON-2062 Metron Alerts: Accidentally commited 'fdescribe' in
unit tests (ruffle1986 via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1372
    METRON-2050 Automatically populate a list of enrichments from
HBase (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1365
    METRON-2060 Improving Alerts table config pane (tiborm via
mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1375
    METRON-2064 Metron REST API overwriting global.json values
(merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1376
    METRON-2066 Documentation and logging corrections (mmiklavc)
closes apache/metron#1378
    METRON-1654 findOne request after an alert patch returns with the
original state of the alert item (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1344
    METRON-2053 Refactor metron-enrichment to decouple Storm
dependencies (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1368
    METRON-2022 Metron rest creates large number of connections to ZK
which causes subsequent connection to zk fail (merrimanr) closes
    METRON-2056 Support LDAP Bind Authentication (nickwallen) closes
    METRON-2039 Time range queries do not work with Solr (merrimanr)
closes apache/metron#1359
    METRON-2052 UI Changing default query time range to 15 minutes
(tiborm via sardell) closes apache/metron#1369
    METRON-2051 Improve stellar-zeppelin documentation (mmiklavc)
closes apache/metron#1366
    METRON-2023 UI Covering Grok Parser Creation with Cypress tests
(tiborm via sardell) closes apache/metron#1364
    METRON-2046 IS_EMPTY stellar functions fails on empty map
(anandsubbu) closes apache/metron#1363
    METRON-2029 Configure Table should have filter (sardell) closes
    METRON-2032 Create summary table having list of stellar functions
in README (anandsubbu) closes apache/metron#1354
    METRON-2038 Enrichment Loader Fails When Run as MR Job
(nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1358
    METRON-2035 Allow User to Configure Role Names for Access Control
(nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1355
    METRON-2041 RegularExpressionsParser in wrong source folder
(mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1361
    METRON-2036 Maven builds fail locally in HDFSWriterTest (mmiklavc)
closes apache/metron#1357
    METRON-2030 SensorParserGroupControllerIntegrationTest
intermittent errors (merrimanr via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1352
    METRON-2031 UI Turning off initial search request and polling by
default on Alerts UI (tiborm via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1353
    METRON-2012 Unable to Execute Stellar Functions Against HBase in
the REPL (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1345
    METRON-1971 Short timeout value in Cypress may cause build
failures (sardell) closes apache/metron#1323
    METRON-1940 Check if not and install Elastic search templates /
Solr collections when indexing server is restarted (MohanDV) closes
    METRON-2019 Improve Metron REST Logging (merrimanr) closes
    METRON-2016 Parser aggregate groups should be persisted and
available through REST (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1346
    METRON-1987 Upgrade Alert UI to stable Bootstrap 4 (sardell)
closes apache/metron#1336
    METRON-1968 Messages are lost when a parser produces multiple
messages and batch size is greater than 1 (merrimanr) closes
    METRON-1778 Out-of-order timestamps may delay flush in Storm
Profiler (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1197
    METRON-1996 Solr search throws NPE for group search if the group
parameter is null or empty (MohanDV via nickwallen) closes
    METRON-1944 Unable to Delete a Comment in Alerts UI (ruffle1986
via sardell) closes apache/metron#1307
    METRON-2010 Unable to Build Metron Due to Inaccessible Repository
(nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1343
    METRON-1998 Only one sensor is flushed by tick tuple (merrimanr)
closes apache/metron#1335
    METRON-2009 Address Javadoc checkstyle issues in metron-common
(justinleet) closes apache/metron#1342
    METRON-2005 Batch Writer writes 0-byte files to HDFS on rotation
(justinleet) closes apache/metron#1338
    METRON-2007 Management UI not loading grok statements correctly
(merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1340
    METRON-1986 Batch Profiler Fails to Resolve Stats Stellar
Functions (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1328
    METRON-1993 Stellar REST_GET should handle responses when content
length is less than zero (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1331
    METRON-1999 Adding validation against special characters to parser
name field (tiborm via sardell) closes apache/metron#1337
    METRON-1985 Improve Error Handling When Cannot Connect to HBase
(nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1327
    METRON-1974 Batch Profiler Should Handle Errant Profiles Better
(nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1326
    METRON-1970 Add Metadata to Error Messages Generated During
Parsing (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1325
    METRON-1995 Arrow icon in date range selector moved to a wrong
position (ruffle1986 via sardell) closes apache/metron#1332
    METRON-1973 Upgrade Alert UI&apos;s webpack-dev-server to 3.1.14
(tiborm via sardell) closes apache/metron#1324
    METRON-1948 Dropped messages from REGEX_SELECT parser field
transformation are not acked in Storm (merrimanr) closes
    METRON-1969 Adding Cypress documentation to Alert UI&apos;s (tiborm via sardell) closes apache/metron#1322
    METRON-1933 Improve build-utils helper scripts (JonZeolla via
ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1297
    METRON-1962 Make entering JDBC details in REST config to be
optional (anandsubbu) closes apache/metron#1318
    METRON-1929 Build GET_ASN Stellar function (justinleet) closes
    METRON-1956 prepare-commit does not run all the tests it should
(ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1315
    METRON-1965 Knox should work on a multi-node installation
(merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1320
    METRON-1939 Update version to 0.7.1 (justinleet via nickwallen)
closes apache/metron#1303
    METRON-685 Scores in Threat Triage should be a Stellar Statement
(nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1311
    METRON-1963 Remove left over integration test from before
refactoring (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1319
    METRON-1945 Metron MPack support for Knox SSO setup (merrimanr)
closes apache/metron#1308
    METRON-1878 Add Metron as a Knox service (merrimanr) closes
    METRON-1958 Optimize Cypress to use best practices (sardell via
merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1317
    METRON-1957 5424 and 3164 parser configurations are packaged in
wrong place (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1316
    METRON-1955 Update metron SPEC file to include syslog 3164 parser
(anandsubbu via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1314
    METRON-1893 Create a syslog 3164 parser (ottobackwards) closes
    METRON-1954 Commit Script Fails to Extract Usernames with Numerals
(nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1313
    METRON-1953 Stellar REPL Fails on Start (nickwallen) closes
    METRON-1941 Alert Escalation Not Consistent in Alerts UI
(ruffle1986 via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1306
    METRON-1951: Add site-book generation to Travis build (mmiklavc)
closes apache/metron#1310
    METRON-1934 Stellar should built without error prone messages
(ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#1298
    METRON-1950: Site-book generation broken in master (mmiklavc)
closes apache/metron#1309
    METRON-1936 Cypress fails when trying to parse double quotes
(sardell) closes apache/metron#1301
    METRON-1815: Separate metron-parsers into metron-parsers-common
and metron-parsers-storm (justinleet via mmiklavc) closes
    METRON-1932 Update ES and Kibana to 5.6.14 (JonZeolla) closes
    METRON-1938 Add Parser Debugger to READMEs (nickwallen) closes
    METRON-1925 Provide Verbose View of Profile Results in REPL
(nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1292
    METRON-1795: General Purpose Regex Parser (jadeepsinh2 via
mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1245
    METRON-1892 Parser Debugger Should Load Config From Zookeeper
(nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1278
    METRON-1937 Update public web site to point at 0.7.0 new release
(justinleet) closes apache/metron#1302
    METRON-1879 Allow Elasticsearch to Auto-Generate the Document ID
(nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1269
    METRON-1930 Update webpack-dev-server in Alerts UI (sardell)
closes apache/metron#1294
    METRON-1849 Elasticsearch Index Write Functionality Should be
Shared (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1254

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