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Subject [GitHub] [metron] merrimanr opened a new pull request #1374: METRON-2061: Solr documents with date fields cannot be updated with Dao classes
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2019 15:02:27 GMT
merrimanr opened a new pull request #1374: METRON-2061: Solr documents with date fields cannot
be updated with Dao classes
   ## Contributor Comments
   The initial purpose of this PR is to explain the cause of the problem described in
and facilitate discussion on an optimal solution.  A solution is presented here but I expect
we will explore other solutions as well.  
   ### Problem
   Date type fields are a problem for our `UpdateDao` classes because of the logic used to
update documents.  Currently the process is this:
   1. Get the latest document using either the Elasticsearch or Solr client API.  This document
is returned as a Java object.
   2. Convert both the document object and patch object to a `JsonNode` object using Jackson.
 This includes serializing/deserializing the objects internally.
   3. Apply the patch using the `JsonPatch` API.
   4. Convert the patched `JsonNode` back to a document object.
   5. Index the document object into Elasticsearch or Solr.
   The problem is that the date type is lost during serialization.  Jackson automatically
converts it to epoch long by default:
 There is also an option of converting the value to a date string.  The error happens because
the original date field now contains a long when a document is indexed.
   ### Possible Solutions
   I think there are several ways to solve this problem and I will present some options here.
 Others are welcome to propose additional solutions.
   1. Add special handling for date fields - We could detect date fields and handle the conversion.
 We would need to manage the Jackson date format and ensure it lines up with the date format
Elasticsearch or Solr expects.
   2. Handle the patch with a custom utility (the initial solution in this PR) - The JSON
Patch specification ( is fairly simple and straightforward.
 Instead of using a 3rd party library that requires `JsonNode` objects and serialization/deserialization,
we could apply the patches directly to the objects.
   3. Partial updates - I believe both Elasticsearch and Solr provide support for partial
updates.  In this case we would only need to handle date type fields when those specific fields
are being updated.
   I chose option #2 because it is simple and avoids any future document field type issues.
 I believe we should move away from the `JsonPatch` API and serialization/deserialization
altogether because there is potential for other Jackson issues and it is inefficient.  This
rules out option #1 for me.  Option #3 is attractive for obvious reasons but may require significant
changes to our API.
   ### Testing
   The initial solution included here has been tested in full dev.  We can use this test script
regardless of the solution we choose.
   1. Spin up full dev and enable Solr using the instructions in the metron-solr README.
   2. Stop the Storm topologies.  This will make it easier to isolate our test to a single
   3. Pick a schema and add a date type field to it:
   <field name="timestamp_solr" type="iso_timestamp" indexed="true" stored="true" />
   <fieldType name="iso_timestamp" stored="true" indexed="true" multiValued="false" class="solr.TrieDateField"
sortMissingLast="false" docValues="true"/>
   4. Clear out the collection corresponding to the changed schema and index a document with
a `timestamp_solr` value:
   I did this using the "Documents" menu item in the Solr UI at `http://node1:8983`.
   5. Attempt to patch an unrelated field:
   curl -X PATCH --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json'
-d '{
     "guid": "some-guid",
     "patch": [
     "sensorType": "yaf"
   }' 'http://user:password@node1:8082/api/v1/update/patch'
   This request should succeed without error and the updated document should be returned with
the new field.  Before this PR a 500 error was returned with a message similar to:
   Error from server at http://node1:8983/solr/yaf: Invalid Date String:'75231198000'
   6. This can also be tested in the Alerts UI by filtering on the guid and changing the status
in the details panel.
   ## Pull Request Checklist
   Thank you for submitting a contribution to Apache Metron.  
   Please refer to our [Development Guidelines](
for the complete guide to follow for contributions.  
   Please refer also to our [Build Verification Guidelines](
for complete smoke testing guides.  
   In order to streamline the review of the contribution we ask you follow these guidelines
and ask you to double check the following:
   ### For all changes:
   - [x] Is there a JIRA ticket associated with this PR? If not one needs to be created at
[Metron Jira](
   - [x] Does your PR title start with METRON-XXXX where XXXX is the JIRA number you are trying
to resolve? Pay particular attention to the hyphen "-" character.
   - [x] Has your PR been rebased against the latest commit within the target branch (typically
   ### For code changes:
   - [x] Have you included steps to reproduce the behavior or problem that is being changed
or addressed?
   - [x] Have you included steps or a guide to how the change may be verified and tested manually?
   - [ ] Have you ensured that the full suite of tests and checks have been executed in the
root metron folder via:
     mvn -q clean integration-test install && dev-utilities/build-utils/

   - [ ] Have you written or updated unit tests and or integration tests to verify your changes?
   - [x] If adding new dependencies to the code, are these dependencies licensed in a way
that is compatible for inclusion under [ASF 2.0](
   - [x] Have you verified the basic functionality of the build by building and running locally
with Vagrant full-dev environment or the equivalent?
   ### For documentation related changes:
   - [ ] Have you ensured that format looks appropriate for the output in which it is rendered
by building and verifying the site-book? If not then run the following commands and the verify
changes via `site-book/target/site/index.html`:
     cd site-book
     mvn site
   #### Note:
   Please ensure that once the PR is submitted, you check travis-ci for build issues and submit
an update to your PR as soon as possible.
   It is also recommended that [travis-ci]( is set up for your personal
repository such that your branches are built there before submitting a pull request.

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