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From Ziyan Maraikar <zmar...@few.vu.nl>
Subject Application layer multicast for P2P servent
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 11:20:15 GMT

I'm looking at using MINA for a Gnutella-like p2p protocol 
implementation and I need to somehow send a query to a subset of peers I 
have a connection to. Apparently MINA doesn't yet support  multicast but 
can I somehow maintain a list of connections (both accepted incoming and 
established outgoing) and have the packet sent a subset of those 

I can get a list of incoming connections from 
IoService.getManagedSessions() by specifying localhost as argument  but 
how do I get outgoing connections? Also I think I need a functions 
similar to BroadcastIoSession.write() for sending packets to chosen  
connections, but I can't find this interface implemented anywhere.

TIA for any help and sorry if these questions have been already 
asked/answered. Please CC any replies to me.

ziyan maraikar

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