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From Michael Bauroth <Michael.Baur...@falcom.de>
Subject Re: NIO and Fileaccess
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 11:24:53 GMT
Sure :)

the only question is, if it would be more transparent to implement an 
additional acceptor / connector pair plus a filter, codec or anything 
else, which has the same behaviour (and transparent handling behind) 
like tcp, udp ... So I can handle the data like an proxy (TCP on the one 
side, File NIO on the other).

May be I'm wrong?


Irving, Dave wrote:

> Michael Bauroth wrote:
> <snip/>
>>The outgoing direction: In the same model sometimes it can 
>>happen, that a client needs some data stored in a file. Here 
>>I want to specify the file over a filechannel and redirect 
>>the ByteBuffer data over the chain directly to the clients 
>>(eventually using some of the filters to modify parts of the content).
>>What do you think?
> For the outgoing direction, I think DIRMINA-218 will cover this.
> You'll be able to do session.writeFile(FileChannel).
> I expect this will propogate through the filters, so you could, for
> example, 
> 1) leave it to pass all the way through mina, ending up with Mina doing
> a FileChannel#transferTo to the socket,
> Or even
> 2) Intercept the writeFile call in a filter, read / transform, and issue
> write(ByteBuffer) calls (if you wanted to modify the content in some
> way).

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