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From Paul Mallach ...@ariva.de>
Subject Stupid Question about Filters / ChainedIoHandler
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 16:19:33 GMT

I'm currently porting an application from MINA 0.8.4 to the current version 
and have got a small question about filters:

I want to queue multiple filters, so that each filter handles a different part 
of the encoding/decoding process. I don't want to pass ByteBuffers between 
these filters, but my own Message-Objects, i.e.:

MyHandler	(only deal with my custom messages)

^	v			Custom messages

MyFilter		(decodes Strings into my custom messages, 
			encodes my custom messages into Strings)

^	v			Strings

TextLineDecoder/TextLineEncode	(ByteBuffer <=> String)

^	v


But this doesn't seem to be possible, as ProtocolDecoder and ProtocolEncoder 
receive ByteBuffers in their decode/encode methods and not Objects.

I think I should use the new ChainedIoHandler instead of stacking multiple 
Filters. Is thtat true? Are there any examples for the recommended way to do 

bye, Paul.

Paul Mallach
Ostseekai 2
D - 24103 Kiel

Tel: +49 (0)431/97108-23               E-Mail: pm@ariva.de
Fax: +49 (0)431/97108-29               Internet: http://www.ariva.de

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