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From peter royal <pro...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Question regarding turning many NIO sockets into 1 backend socket stream
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 14:36:11 GMT
On Jul 8, 2006, at 5:45 PM, Austin Lee wrote:
> My program would be ignorant to the queue's transport
> (VM or socket) which seems quite convenient.

MINA also has a VM transport as well.

> What do you think of ActiveMQ's NIO ability to handle multiple
> connections? How does it stand up against MINA?

Might be a question best to ask the ActiveMQ folk.

> Would a hybrid setup with ActiveMQ to provide the queue/transport  
> between servers and MINA
> to provide the public-facing side be the best approach?

depends on what you need.. MINA is really a protocol toolkit.. no  
reason that ActiveMQ couldn't use MINA underneath for its NIO needs.

So, if you want NIO and ActiveMQ can do that with the protocol that  
you want, no reason not to use it directly.

But you certainly could put MINA in front, especially if you wanted  
to munge the data to/from your own protocol.

proyal@apache.org - http://fotap.org/~osi

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