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From "Johannes U. Jensen" <sp...@daimi.au.dk>
Subject Using a threadpool
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 11:16:42 GMT

I have been trying to use the thread pool but I am not quite sure I have 
gotten it right. So far my intuition tells me this is the traversal of a 
message through mina is like this (best viewed in a fixedwidth font):

Message Received -> Filterchain( filter1 -> filter2 -> ... -> filterN) 
-> iohandler.

and when I insert a threadpool in the filterchain it will turn into this:
                                                                 -> ... 
-> FilterN -> iohandler
Message Received -> Filterchain(filter1 -> filter2 -> Threadpool -> ... 
-> FilterN -> iohandler
                                                                 -> ... 
-> FilterN -> iohandler

where the number of braches from the threadpool is number of threads in 
it. Is this correct? If so then I assume all iohandler actions are 
performed on the same iohandler object, the one I pass to 
ioacceptor.bind, right?

Kind regards
Johannes U. Jensen

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