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From "Vinod Panicker" <vino...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: In VM Protocol
Date Sun, 17 Sep 2006 15:58:22 GMT
On 9/15/06, Greg Duffy <gduffy@gmail.com> wrote:
> No, in most cases (and with a stock Sun JVM, at the least), two java
> processes cannot share a VM. There are projects like Terracotta
> (http://www.terracottatech.com/ [never used it, just heard some buzz
> about it]) that seem to attempt to unify separate JVM processes into
> one meta-JVM.
> Now that you mention it, I think it'd be interesting to see how well
> MINA in-VM pipe worked on something like that.


If you have a benchmark demo ready, I'm willing to give it a run. I'm
gonna give terracotta a try sometime soon. Bloody expensive though :)


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