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From Luca Zago <l...@iolabs.it>
Subject Re: Memory Leak in Mina
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 21:17:54 GMT
ok, I will try to do the following tests, this night, in Italy it's 
night already.
I will do a 'sending' session of  3000 messages for 4 different clients 
at the same time, then I will check the amount of instances,
I will leave the application without load, for some time, and then check 
again if the system released the objects.
If it is not so, I think there is a problem, correct? In that case I 
will try to print the references to the classes which held the objects.
I will share with you the results. And I will try the JDK 6.
Thanks again,


Holger Hoffstaette ha scritto:
> On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 20:52:32 +0100, Robert Greig wrote:
>> On 25/10/06, Luca Zago <luca@iolabs.it>
>> wrote:
>>> I don't know how to interpret this behavior, but these objects after one
>>> night of running tests are the majority in the application.
>> Is it definitely a leak? If you look at the code in the ExecutorFilter you
>> can see that it add events for that session - e.g. data read from the
>> network - and those events are processed in order for the session by a
>> thread from the pool.
> That was my question as well - in Mule's case Luca reported a leak in a
> similar event handler, yet after looking at the source in question I could
> not see how that leak could actually ever happen because items are always
> removed via take(), regardless of errors etc. Considering that the
> backport's LinkedBlockingQueue is a straight 1:1 port and tested with the
> JSR 166 tck suite I'd be more than surprised if there really was a bug
> somewhere. It's just a fancy single-linked list after all.
> IMHO it's much more likely that there's something fishy with JProfiler or
> the way Luca uses it. (I've never used JProfiler)
> Luca, if you can please try the same tests with JDK 6 and use jhat (part
> of the Mustang tools). It will show you exactly how many live objects are
> held by which owner.
> Holger

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